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24 Heartwarming Animal Adoption Stories That Show How Important Adoption Is For Pets

There is no bigger joy than adopting a pet.

We all know that our beloved pets light up our worlds, they make our life happier and more enjoyable. Life before our beloved pets were just not that good, it is all a blur now. We just can not imagine our lives without them. An owner loves its pet endlessly and vice versa but you have a different connection with the pet you adopt or rescue. It is a very strong and indescribable feeling of love you feel for each other. Keep on scrolling down to read some very heartwarming and wholesome adoption stories…


1. “Picked her last night from the shelter. Need help naming her.”

Image Credit: u/QUIBICUS

2. “I’m adopting the black one but this feels like a sign to take them both !”


Image Credit:  u/queenieemua

3. “This is Frank. He’s my first cat. I adopted him last month, and I’m so glad I did.”


Image Credit: u/systoliq

4. “I waited all 29 years of my life to buy a place then get a cat, and he was worth every last second”


Image Credit: u/AJGibbo

5. “Got him from the shelter today 🙂 Need help naming him!”


Image Credit: u/BaggiePants

6. “Originally was going to adopt 2 of these guys. Turns out three times the charm. We got all the siblings together! They’re super close and we didn’t want to leave the sister out. Any advice would help as first time cat owners :)”


Image Credit: u/NoLongerARedditor

7. “This feral kitten wondered into my yard a few weeks ago and has decided it lives here. My grumpy old tom cat has taken her in as his own!”


Image Credit: u/SVT_Devinn

8. “I got my first puppy today!!”


Image Credit: u/-momjeans-

9. “Meet mittens, my first ever pet.”


Image Credit: u/deathlyshadow27

10. “New pup! We haven’t given her a name yet.”


Image Credit: u/DrDoak

11. “Myself (middle) my brother (left) and my best friend (right) with our puppy siblings we just adopted”

Image Credit: u/snmnc123

12. “Look at this perfect little bean I just adopted”


Image Credit: u/laney_belle

The pet you rescue or adopt does not only love you but also stays grateful and super loyal to you. Animals understand help and they are very thankful creatures, whenever the need arises they do not think twice before returning the favor. It is the most beautiful thing about animals, they all are creatures of love and they love their beloved owners selflessly. Keep on scrolling down…

13. “Our daughter’s reaction to learning the puppy wasn’t just a foster…”

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Image Credit:  u/Weary_Detective_8907

14. “New Kitty: Ida, 5 weeks old, found during the Hurricane”


Image Credit: u/Salt-Establishment59

15. “Not even 6hrs home and already snuggling with lovey eyes. Meet Edgar Allan Purr.”

Image Credit: u/-JaneeDoee-

16. “just adopted this little buddy, got returned 2 times, 3rd and final home now! he still needs a name! please suggest some names!”


Image Credit: u/kitt_katt_99

17. “Wife wanted a new Puppy, I didn’t… so we compromised and got a new Puppy.”

Image Credit: u/BloodSteyn

18. “I am picking him up tomorrow, but haven’t thought of a name, any ideas?”


Image Credit:  u/adamttaylor

19. “After 20 years of my life alone, I finally have what I’ve craved for. In 2 days, I feel more complete than ever. The cute little furball sleeps all day and I can’t get enough of him. Not the best picture of a pupper but I just wanted to share him with the world. Meet Manchurian, everyone.”

Image Credit: u/SnooPets5630

20. “I’d like to introduce the newest member of our family, Atlas!”


Image Credit: u/Mrskoolaid_83

21. “I recently met this handsome man on the street. He got wet in the rain and I took him home. I washed, combed and fed him. We became attached to each other, and I left it to myself. Help me with a name for this fluffy happiness.”

Image Credit: u/petrukJKR

22. “Left was from 5 days ago before I adopted him. Right was earlier today. I am so lucky I adopted him, he’s the sweetest most caring cat and I’m thankful to have him.”


Image Credit: u/audreybrookee

23. “I’ve been wanting a cat for most of my life and have finally moved into an apartment that allows them…what should I name him?”

Image Credit:  u/Dull_Grapefruit2020

24. “Just got this boy. Give me some names”

Image Credit:  u/PurestStealth

These stories really made me so happy, so heartwarming and wholesome all of these stories are. Have you ever rescued or adopted an animal? Share their story in the comments down below…


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