50 Pics Of Irish Wolfhounds That Show How Big These Big Doggos Are

Ever heard of a sweet beast?

Kinda sounds like an oxymoron but it is very true when you talk about the famous Irish Wolfhounds. The Irish wolfhound is a breed from Ireland as the name suggests. You can’t help but notice an Irish Wolfhound from miles away because of its huge size. If you judge them by their looks they do look very scary. But in reality, it is the exact opposite. You know how we spot a wild animal every now and then and feel the urge to pet them but then there’s this fear that the animal may attack. That is not the case here. Irish Wolfhounds are known to be very sweet actually. They are very well known for being extremely patient, loving, caring, loyal, and generous. The reason why most of us are unaware of this is because of their size and weight. A male Irish Wolfhound weighs at least 120 pounds and they’re about 3 feet tall at the very least. Who wouldn’t be scared of that? Not going to lie to you guys but I even I was extremely scared of tall and big dogs. I don’t know, I could never get myself to pet one. But only recently I have realized that all of that doesn’t matter. One drop of pure love, that’s what every dog requires.


And today we are here to prove that these dogs who physically look like beasts are actually one of the sweetest dog breeds in the whole world.

Ready? Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. Told you! They love cuddles and only cuddles.

2. They don’t care about space or time. They are always up for snuggles…


Via justsomeinspiration

3. Here’s an Irish Wolfhound standing next to a very small horse.


Via Allan Hutchings

4. Oh and yes, they take up a lot of space and if you have other pets, they may not like it

Just to give you a perspective, when an Irish Wolfhound stands up on its legs, it can go as high as 7 feet. Imagine a 7 feet tall cute monster look down at you. Absolutely amazing!


Via z0a87

5. See, they are just like any other dog breed.


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6. Just a wolfhound rolling in the streets.


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7. That tale is longer than the average life expectancy in my country.


8. Pure happiness…


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9. They do have a special spot for grandmas.


10. How many times do you think this dog brushes its teeth in a day?


11. This doggo looks so cute trying to fir in that tiny seat.

Via murphyirishwolfhound

12. Do you not know how to knock, you well-groomed human?


13. Who needs a pillow when you’ve got an Irish Wolfhound in the house.

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14. No Grandmas are safe from an Irish Wolfhound’s love.


Via snixon67

15. Dad, I can’t fit in here. Buy a truck.

Via nancyssouthwestplace

16. The couch has been successfully conquered.


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17. Now that is a tall dog.

Via Crandog

18. Here’s an Irish Wolfhound proving to us that friends come in all shapes and sizes.


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19. An Irish Wolfhound greeting a 6-week-old Shiba Inu.

Via Kaldea

20. Please put me down, Dad. The machine may break and your arm muscles may cramp up.


Via layla.the.wolfie

21. I absolutely love these perspective shots.

Via ashikoman23

22. Come on boys, no need to worry. I got you safe.


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23. When Dad tricks you into getting in the car by promising McNuggets on their way back, but you see him drive right past the last McDonald’s

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24. Oh my god, that is so adorable.

Via katebanaszak

25. When you buy a bed one size too small because you’re self-conscious about your size. We still love you, doggo.

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So if I was to ask you about your fear of big, tall dogs, how much would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being ‘No Fear’ and 10 being ‘I’m still petrified of them’. I told you guys they are one of the sweetest animals out there. They love making friends are extremely patient when it comes to forming relationships. They don’t consider violence as a solution.

Such a polite dog breed. I love Irish Wolfhounds and I would love to high-five one someday. For now, scroll down below to look at some more adorable Irish Wolfhounds showing that they are not scary at all.

26. No one, I repeat, no one is more loyal than a dog.


Via Kaldea

27. What’s the password? “Irish Wolfhounds are the best?” Welcome aboard!


Via majodian

28. Zoom in for a surprise!

Via danmfc1

29. All tucked-in boys? Let’s show you what a real run looks like


30. Here’s an image from 1974 of a woman sitting next to her Irish Wolfhound.

Goes on to show they’ve always been a lovely creature and they react the way how you act with them.

Via -Rin

31. When Mommy comes home after a long day at work.

Via imgur

32. So…who’s copying who?


Via wolfgang2242

33. Wolfhound: “Look it’s simple just get on your legs and you can see everything.” Tiny pupper: “Haha! Very funny!

34. No the other dogs are not growing small. The wolfhound is growing bigger and bigger.

And it is yet to reach its full size.

Via scareraven

35. No Mommy, we were definitely not going to raid the fridge.


Via ratcandies

36. “You got some treats?”

Via winterthewolfhound

37. When you want to fly like the Supergirl but all you’ve got is an Irish Wolfhound. Good luck little girl!

38. His and Hers!


39. An Irish Wolfhound hugging its 6-feet tall owner.

Via littlemonky

40. Two different emotions in a single picture…

Via kitkatscuba

41. Just a cute Irish Wolfhound playing with its legs in the fields.


42. The Kitty probably thinks that dog could swallow it in a millisecond and no one would ever know.

Via storyofohno

43. Does anyone have some glue? We’ve got a broken wolfhound here…

Via mexi_coke

44. Be ready comrades…winter is coming.


Via ToniJabroni

45. Wolfhound: “Yes, I really am a dog.”

Via 50NosAndAYesMeansYes

46. Looks like dinner is almost ready.

Via snixon67

47. Okay, I have a lot of questions…


Via DragoNika

48. They too have a thing for stuffed toys.

Via thewolfiechronicles

49. When you request Mommy for an extra hour of playtime but now you have no energy left.

Via deadmuleranch

50. My bones hurt looking at this picture.

We should never judge a book by its cover. What a lovely dog. I swear it has a spot in my Top 5 favorite dogs from this day onwards. Such an adorable animal who deserves nothing but unlimited love and affection.

I really hope you guys had a great time viewing these amazing pictures of Irish Wolfhounds. Feel free to share how you guys felt in the comments section down below.


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