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16 Times Kids Left Their Parents In Shock With Their Responses

16 Times Kids Left Their Parents In Shock With Their Responses

Children are innocent; they do not lie.

Having kids is a blessing but raising them is like a roller coaster ride. When they are toddlers, they would throw tantrums, they would make fun and sometimes make up stories. Yeah, kids love to fantasize about new things and make up new stories. Sometimes, the stories are so real that they leave their parents in shock. Not every time their stories would be made-up, sometimes they tell the truth and it proves with time. Today, we have 17 stories of kids who surprised their parents with their stories. Scroll down to give them a read.

1. When your toddler knows the “little airplane” game better than you:


© Rafaela Camila da Silva / Facebook

2. When you ask your first kid about the gender of the baby and she even gives you the name of the baby:


© Mara Lucimar Fernandes da Silva / Facebook

3. When your toddler makes you think about your decisions:


© Jaqueline Silva / Facebook

4. When your toddler knows about his father’s childhood more than you:


© Tamiris Borges / Facebook

 5. When a 5-year-old has an imaginary friend:


© Lucília Balduino / Facebook

6. Two-years-old daughter wants to meet grandfather Rafael:


© Milena Cristine Zavarise / Facebook

7. Maybe she married a lawyer in her dream:

© Andreia Cristina / Facebook

Sometimes kids see things in their dreams and they think they happened in real life but those things have no connection with reality. But it does not happen every time. Some of these kids told their parents the stories of their childhood and it was scary as hell. And the way they told these stories to their parents was even scarier. Their storytelling left their parents speechless. It was hard to tell where they got all of this information from when their parents never told them anything about their childhood. Scroll down for more.

8. The little boy knows who Elvis is:


© Patricia Andrade / Facebook

9. Their daughter waited a long time to be born because she was finding the best family for her.

© Michelle Küster / Facebook

10. When the three-year-old daughter already knew that the baby was coming:


© Jéh Santos / Facebook

11. Seems like the girl had already met aunt Paloma:

© Ana Paula Ana Rafaella / Facebook

12. What was this kid doing in her mother’s childhood?


© Agda Fernanda Teodoro / Facebook

13. These kids know so much more than the doctors.

© Kenia Oliveira / Facebook

14. When your siblings are born before you:


© Christiane Silva / Facebook

15. He cannot recall it but he knows it was good there:

© Ausonia Faustino / Facebook

Seems like these kids have come straight out of a horror movie. We do not know what kind of supernatural power do they possess but one thing we know for sure is that their stories were spine-chilling. What do you think about these incidents? Has your kid ever told you such a story? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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