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15 Photos Of Kitties In Dollhouses Living The Best Lives

These cats upgraded from boxes to dollhouses and we are so in love.

Cats love boxes and we love cats in boxes. There is no cat owner out there who is unaware of this weird relationship between their cat and everything square that is out in the world. They love to sit inside anything that has four sides or in any confined place. But no matter where they sit, they bring happiness in our lives by just being around us.


Now, we all have been seeing our furry queens fitting in different boxes but have you ever seen a cat in a dollhouse? Not just crazy but see kitties inside dollhouses is the most adorable sight ever. People shared pictures of their cute felines inside dollhouses and it went viral in no time. Everyone loved the wholesome pictures and we have compiled the most famous ones to show you in this thread.

Be ready to feast your eyes on these beauties.

#1 Doll but with a little fur on it.

Image Credit: jonrathmill via Instagram

#2 Too big for the couches but never mind..

Image Credit: ikonn_image via Instagram

#3 Got the matching furniture.

Image Credit: tinypinkproblems via Instagram

#4 That one neighbor who always has a problem with whatever you do.

Image Credit: twolittlefeet32 via Instagram

Aren’t they adorable?

You can’t help but love these cutest creatures. Felines like to lounge in small and confined places as it makes them feel protected and safe. They think of themselves away from the danger or any attack from predators when they are in tiny spaces. This is the reason you will find your cat in boxes and such other things which to us seem very uncomfortable, but for them is all fine and perfect.

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#5 “Let’s get rid of this shit, it keeps getting in my head.”

Image Credit: kasidhe88 via Instagram

#6 Look at this princess, y’all!

Image Credit: cherine.muirhead via Instagram

#7 “Get aside, doll. It is a cat house now.”

Image Credit: theimpossiblepoof via Instagram

#8 Seems like a perfect house for your cat.

Image Credit: hermes_valentin_the_cat via Instagram

#9 Finding ways to sneak into the dollhouse.

Image Credit: wedreamoficecream via Instagram

#10 “I fits, I sits”

Image Credit: scapersback40 via Instagram

#11 Doll beds are a perfect place for taking a nap.

Image Credit: murrayandralph via Instagram

#12 Just call it a cathouse now.

Image Credit: 4_spoiled_rescue_cats via Instagram

#13 Cute neighbors that we all want.

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Image Credit: kitschyfloss via Instagram

#14 This big chonk got angry as he couldn’t fit in the house well. Moving some furniture might help.

Image Credit: bernadettewitzack via Instagram

#15 Hello,pretty.

Image Credit: suburbanadventures via Instagram

Hope you loved seeing these cats in dollhouses as much as we did. Do share it with your friends so they can also see it and enjoy.


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