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13 Hilarious Tweets That Show How Life Is Never Boring With Animals

Nothing better than furry friends.

Animals have always been a great source of happiness and love in our lives. They have been providing us with so much love for hundreds of years. Once we get them as pets, they easily become our best friends and part of the family. These creatures know how to win us over so effortlessly. I would be lying if I say they do not make us fall in love with them so crazily like a lover, they are total heartthrobs and I love them for it.


For hundreds of years, these animals have been used for the benefit of humans. They have been loyal to the human beings, they have treated us like their masters and they have proven their love for us in so many ways. It is time we appreciate their great companionship and their affection because there is no better friend than a furry one. Keep on scrolling down…

1. Like father like son.

Image Credit:  @TranslatedCats

2. We definitely need this cute bundle of joy in our lives.


Image Credit:  @buitengebieden_

3. Aww, this is such an adorable froggo cake. I love it!


Image Credit:  @seokuva

4. Oh, God…I apologize for laughing.


Image Credit: @kirawontmiss

5. Yes, that is true. Every kind hearted human being loves cats.


Image Credit:  @_XeniaKara_

6. Oh, no. It is too heartbreaking.


Image Credit:  @nyquills

We do not realize how much of a big role our pets play in making our lives way more enjoyable and fun. They are such lovely stress relievers and joy bringers, we can never return the amount of love they give us and we can never thank them enough for being so caring. A pet’s friendship is so unbreakable and unconditional, they will literally give you all of their endless love and affection but they never ask for anything in return. I think this is the trait that I love the most about animals, they are very caring and selfless when it comes to their beloved owners. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these cute animal tweets…

7. What kind of crow and sparrow hybrid is this bird?


Image Credit:  @thebadbucket

8. Now, that is a fantastic start to the day.


Image Credit:  @parkinsbrea

9. I understand it all too well now, unfortunately, it makes too much sense.


Image Credit:  @ihyjuju

10. This is so true but why are her eyes so cartoonish.


Image Credit:  @bigfootjinx

11. Mr. Lizard, you have been a naughty boy.

Image Credit:  @RoxyTall

12. Oh, my God! This is a need.


Image Credit:  @fatfatpankocat

13. I would like to say that he is, in fact, a golden doggo.

Image Credit:  @FourFourths

I love all of these animals so much, they are so beautiful and I just want to give all of them a big hug. Except for that Lizard, I am a bit scared of Mr. Lizard so I will just give him some more cat food. Wholesome posts like these make me feel so much love for my own pets and make me appreciate them more. What do you love the most about your pet? Tell us in the comments down below…


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