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Artist Creates Hilarious Comics That Accurately Depicts Life Of Every Cat Parent

Lingvistov is the online handle of a famous cartoonist on Instagram. She boasts over 350k followers on her Instagram, has her own outlet at her website, and is absolutely passionate about her love for man’s favourite feline friend. It’s not just her love for cats that makes her comics so good, it’s her incredibly accurate portrayal of cat behaviour that’s often hard to put into words.


For example, regardless of how big or small the cat is, they will find an inappropriately sized box, sit in it, and be very content with the box. No one really knows why cats like boxes, they just do, but Ling provides an explanation as to why.

Perhaps the reason why cats chase inappropriately sized boxes is that they’re trying to fit their ego in it too, or simply like putting their faces in the dark. Cats have night vision, so maybe they’re just practicing.

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#1 Sticking your face in random containers.

#2 Ego box.


#3 Play with me!


#4 Eat what is important.


#5 Difference in phones.


#6 Disciplining the cat.


#7 Night vision!


#8 Disappointing interview.


#9 Hair tie hoard.


#10 Daytime vs Nighttime.


Cats are a whole other creature at night. They’re volatile, overexcited, and hyper. I’m convinced that my cat has a built-in alarm to go crazy at precisely 4 am every single day. He just starts running around like he’s made of pure energy.

#11 Making the bed.

#12 Cat yawning.


#13 Cat toys.

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#14 Cuddling buddy.


#15 Cat date plans.

#16 Hide and seek.


#17 Gotta check if the water is drinkable.

#18 Rules don’t apply to cats.


#19 Apartment destruction.

#20 Sleeping furry friend.


Despite all the headaches cats can cause, we know we love them unconditionally. Maybe they know too, that’s why they do what they do. Because they know they can get away with it. I don’t mind the ruined toilet paper if I get cat cuddles out of it.

#21 How cats act around the house.

#22 Butt in the face.


#23 Two types of cats.

#24 Hi. Hey. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hey.

#25 The only reason to go to parties.

#26 Therapy cats.


#27 Hair tie thief.


#28 Cat couch.

#29 Feeding the strays.


#30 What owning a cat is like.

It’s not all fun and games. It’s usually just sheer terror running around in your home, the apex predator claiming its territory. Cats are basically little hunters with night vision and fangs. They own the house and the people inside it, not the other way around.

#31 She knows her place.

#32 Mlem, mlem, mlem.


#33 Food! But not right now.

#34 Lounging around.

#35 Trying to take pictures of your cat.


#36 It’s always food o clock.

#37 Begging for food?

#38 Honestly, I deserve that.


#39 The expert hunter.

#40 Big bed for tiny cat.

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