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20 Innocent Quirks That Made Pet Owners Fall In Love With Their Pets Again

Your pets’ innocence will make you fall in love with them once again.

No doubt, pets are hard to control but when they act innocent, they can steal anyone’s heart. The way our four-legged friends hug us, the way they look at us after making a mess, the way they ask for food or the way they act when you take them out is simply awwdorable. Everything they do is full of cuteness. We can’t resist but capture the moment. Some of the pet owners on Reddit have shared adorable photos of their innocent pets that will make you love them even more. So, scroll down to fall in love with their innocence once again.

1. Meet Lolita. It’s her first night at home.

© jela_03 / Reddit

2. He likes to dig a hole and sleep in it.


© alejandro_red100 / Reddit

3. Meet Charlie, he gets his upper lip stuck behind his lower lip.


© inkdrone / Reddit

4. She likes sleeping upside down.


© JediJoshy1 / Reddit

5. He likes sitting in these small tubs.


© insig_nificant / Reddit

6. Our cat rolls herself in the blanket to turn into a purrito.


© clarkeyboi21 / Reddit

7. Meet Honey. She likes being held when she is outside.


© Suebeadsncooks- / Reddit

8. Baby bear sleeping after a long day of camping.


© unicorn_tamer / Reddit

9. “She refuses to sleep anywhere else”


© oscarmayerweenor / Reddit

10. Her face after being rudely awoken.


© BIgnutt69yee / Reddit

Our little pets look the cutest when they are sleeping or right after they wake up. Their cute faces will make you want to give them some rubs. Falling in love with a pet is the easiest thing ever and most importantly you get a friend in the form of a pet. Your pet will make you busy. They will make your mood better and you will enjoy watching them doing the silliest things. Scroll down because we have more adorable pictures of our pets.

11. Ralph, enjoying Sun.

© FaithJoe / Reddit

12. The face you make after doing something good.


© noobynewb / Reddit

13. “Peek-a-Boo!”

© curationist / Reddit

14. Meet my doggo, she likes socks. She doesn’t bite or tear them up, she likes protecting them.


© demonic_pug / Reddit

15. She likes to wrap herself around the tree in this flower pot with a leaf as her cuddle buddy.

© mabmab2000 / Reddit

16. He loves pig toys.


© IamNeverPro / Reddit

17. He likes to sleep while sucking a blanket.

© crazylittlethings / Reddit

18. She crosses her legs whenever someone takes her pictures.


© bobo-me-boy / Reddit

19. She would stand up and have you hold her paws.

© Unfortunatly_ducks / Reddit

20. How she likes holding her paws.


© bcunh / Reddit

These innocent pets have made our day. What are your thoughts about these pets? Is there a quirky habit that your pet has? If yes, share it with us in the comments below.


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