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15 Tweets Showing Married People Have Their Own Way Of Keeping The Fun Alive

Tweets that every married couple can relate to!

Marriage is full of ups and downs, as well as a bunch of great memories in between. Moments in your life become more and more special, full of color and delight as you both grow older together. The idea that your marriage begins with love and respect for one another and that as you grow older is just so beautiful, and you can look back on the countless memories that you have had together, and have had learned so many new things throughout your marriage.

Every day brings a new set of emotions. Having emotional attachment and understanding your loved ones makes this relationship the best of all. Someone who understands you and wants to make your day better by doing dumb things makes you happy, sometimes after a little argument makes you sad, and makes you throw tantrums on them. Many people think that being married will make one’s life dull and boring but little did they know how much fun it can be to simply argue about silly and random topics while on a romantic date, or even to ask silly questions to your loved ones in the middle of the night after waking them up.

If you are not married, then reading these Tweets shared by the spouses will make you want to tie a know right away! So, enjoy these amusing tweets about married life that perfectly capture how beautiful and full of spice your life becomes after being married! 

1. Obviously, food is life!

Via sixfootcandy / twitter

2. Now that’s a grown-up thing to do!

Via  EliMcCann / twitter

3. Husband always tries to be sweet and helpful!

Via simoncholland / twitter

4. Girl, it’s not just you! we’ll have suffered after hearing about this movie.

Via  Average_Dad1 / twitter

5. Every woman will personally feel attacked after reading this tweet.

Via  Social_Mime / twitter

6. Girl, you toasted your pop-tart?

Via  reallifemommy3 / twitter

7. Perk’s of being parents and having a loving partner!

Via Beagz / twitter

Being married means that two monsters are living together! Having disagreements over seemingly minor issues such as which toilet paper to purchase to having disagreements over what to cook for dinner is what it’s all about.

The number of people who believe that being married is all about spending romantic nights together, sharing emotional moments, and living beneath the warmth of love on a daily basis is amazingly high. However, these tweets are enough to make these people realize that there are lots of arguments and your life becomes full of madness after getting married to your loved one.

Continue reading to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be married in this world!

8. This husband might be got a mini heart attack after reading this text message!

Via  3sunzzz / twitter

9. Delete this tweet right now! Otherwise, every husband will act in the same manner.

Via TheBoydP / twitter

10. You will never find someone who enjoys doing laundry on this entire globe!

via ThisOneSayz / twitter

11. Can you hear this tweet? *metal spoon clangs*

Via  simoncholland / twitter

12. Of course, it’s all his fault!

Via skittle624 / twitter

13. Dude, you’re lucky that your wife spent ONLY 3 hours.

Via  dadmann_walking / twitter

14. We can all relate to this level of laziness!

Via  DocAtCDI / twitter

15. That’s why it’s important to think before you speak to your wife!

Via RodLacroix / twitter

Which tweet relates to your married life the most? Let us know in the comments section below.


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