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Meet The Oldest Cat In The World Who Is 31 Years Old That Looks Grumpy And Done

Seeing a cat celebrating his 31st birthday was what we were missing in our life. A cat named Nutmeg celebrates his 31st birthday which is equivalent to 141 years of human life. WOW! That’s just amazing. Isn’t it? We have never imagined till this day that we are about to see the world’s oldest cat perishing and enjoying the day he was born.
If you are a cat lover then we know how excited you are to see the old kitty. Hold on! We are also excited to show you how they celebrated his birthday. But, before that don’t you want to know the story of this kitty?

Well, about 26 years ago was the day Nutmeg showed up in the backyard of this lucky family. Nutmeg’s family explained, “He rules the house and he’s absolutely gorgeous,”

Back in 1990, a couple named Liz and Ian Finlay took the stray cat to their home who befriended their cat Spice.
Nutmeg had an abscess on the neck which required treatment. Therefore the owners took him to their local Cats Protection to get him treated. That’s when they found out that Nutmeg was at least 5 years old. According to that, Nutmeg is officially the oldest cat in the world but in order to qualify for Guinness Records, the owners would have to show some kind of documentation that would prove their claim.

The Finley family considers Nutmeg as their own child. Unfortunately, he had a serious stroke last year. But, thankfully he is doing good now. He is not our cat, we are his humans and he never lets us forget that. Maybe that is the secret to his long and happy life,” stated Finlay.

Now let’s go ahead and take a few beautiful pictures of Nutmeg celebrating his birthday!

1. I’m 31 years old now, lady. I don’t like celebrating birthday’s.


2. He’s definitely the boss of the house.


3. This picture speaks a thousand words!


4. What do I do with this cake? Not like I’m going to eat it?


5. Does he look old to you though? Nope.


It’s truly amazing how this cat has been surviving for such a long long time! These people are truly blessed that their cat is about to make a history. Nutmeg is a tough kitty who has already gone through several health issues but still stands strong. Anyways, there are more pictures coming up ahead! Keep scrollin’!

6. Awww… isn’t he the cutest!?

7. “He is spoiled rotten… He comes in every morning at five am and we get up and feed him”

8. Could you pass me the remote, lady?


9. What a beautiful family picture!

How adorable he looks! We wish him a very happy birthday.

This cat made our day. What a heart-melting celebration it is. Cats are truly adorable. A special thanks to these four-legged kitties because they know how to brighten up our exhausting day. They become the means to our happiness. Sometimes, the relationship between a cat and a human is inexplainable. There are no words to describe the love we have for our furry little kitties. We adore them more than anything else. Let us know how much you adored Nutmeg. Feel free to use the comments section below.


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