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Hilarious Tweets About Catching Cats Being Absolute Derps

Own a cat and love the ex-purr-essions they give when they see you? If yes, then welcome! You are at the right place.


There are people in this universe who love cats more than anything. Seeing their cats after coming home from a hectic day of work or studies or anything basically, makes their day bright. The love these hoomans have for their cats certainly can’t be expressed in words and we totally understand that! Because that love is completely unconditional!

We know you are excited to see what the title says. If you are a cat owner, then you definitely know what we are going to talk about. Did you ever notice your furry babies making cute faces and doing strange things? Yeah? Because same! Unfortunately, not all cat lovers have cats! But even they understand how our heart melts when we look at them. We adore them, they are a means to our happiness and make our lives complete. We know, something definitely popped up in your mind after reading this. But there are many more derpy faces to enjoy! Scroll down to have a joyful day!

1. When you get to know you’re adopted.

Via @AndrejNkv

2. Pew Pew Pew!

Via @HLOcamera

3. Oh God! Please save me.

Via @sarahwood700

4. What are you gawking at purr.

Via @Chesterkop

5. Don’t look at me like that.

Via @ct_nppr

6. Let’s play peekaboo

Via @Technoarm

It’s cute to see these furries reacting weirdly. Cats are derp and sometimes act strangely. But it’s completely fine to act this way. It’s part of their life to make us giggle and bring smiles to our faces. Like our children, cats become stubborn as well. They do things that they are not supposed to do. They think they own everything in our home (they are right, they do!). They sit on our laptops and won’t let us work. Grabbing attention is their favorite thing to do. And cat owners can do anything for them.

We have some amazing collections for you. Seeing such images will surely purr-ify your heart. Keep scrolling!

7. My drawer!


8. That’s the face we make when we hear the words “we need to talk”

Via @mwkc_

9. I want to be as happy as this cat

Via @splendor_obasi

10. Expected that!

Via @TomKealy2

11. That resemblance though!

Via @dellcam

12. From this to that

Via  @catekustanczy

13. Me in front of my parents vs friends

Via @PttSeven
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Sadly we have reached the end of this article. But no need to worry, we will definitely have more in store for you. After all, who would ever get tired of looking at these memes all day? We know we would never! And who doesn’t love seeing cat memes? Thanks to our four-legged furries for lightening up our days when we need to relax our minds, for some of us, it might be the only reason to smile that day (okay that got a bit too serious). Anyhow! We’re just happy we got to see these and we are sure you are as well. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to make their day better and let us know which one was your favourite in the comments section below!


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