15 Of The Most Expressive Pets You Will Ever See

Here are pictures to prove that pets are more expressive than humans.

Humans love to express what they feel, at times they absolutely go all out to make sure the other person knows what mood they are in. But not many humans can achieve this level of expressiveness. So many people fail to properly communicate their feelings because they don’t know how to react while they are saying something. It’s a perfect combination of your verbal and oral gestures, the infamous expressed-implied combination.

Guess what, we don’t understand what our pet animals say so when they want to communicate a message to their owners, they use nothing but expressions to do so. And that makes them way better at being expressive because that’s the only tool they have in their arsenal to communicate with the humans they love. If you delay your cat’s meal by 60 seconds, you won’t hear it say “We’re done”, you will watch its eyes telling you that, and you will fully understand the message.

Today we have got some animal pictures for you guys to prove the fact that pets are more expressive than humans. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. This dog is in the middle of an existential crisis and we all can tell by the look on his face.


Via Frankthe****09 / Reddit

2. The cat has jumped on the Italian meme trend and is trying to say something in Italian without actually saying something in Italian.

Wow, I just combined two memes.


Via LikeAEaglewhoUFLY / Reddit

3. He nodded yes to “Do you want to start dieting?” and this is his reaction to his first salad.


Via miss-meow-meow / Reddit

4. Their human is just trying to create a happy moment with them but the cats look so embarrassed to be in the picture.


Via btl_1294 / Reddit

5. It looks like this cat knows one of my deepest, darkest secrets.


Via duhpanduh / Reddit

6. This cat caught a lizard for the first time and had no idea what to do with it.

Looks like he was stuck between deciding whether to eat the lizard or to present it as a gift to his owner.


Via ****-Juice / Reddit

7. The owner was pooping in peace and the cat was watching in peace.

Via nootnewtt / Reddit

I think I know why nature created an obvious language barrier between humans and their pet animals. That’s because there is no need to speak to communicate a message. The animals are all so expressive with their actions that the owners instantly get what they are trying to tell them. And that’s about it. It is not necessary to know what the human thinks or has to say, it is always about the animal.

8. This cat witnessed a Christmas tree for the first time in its life.


Via psychfan5 / Reddit

9. Rode the scooter to a spot where the sun was hitting directly, and proceeded to lay down there to absorb all the Vitamin D.

Via Acacia_Silence / Reddit

10. The good boys are taught to hug each other before they get their treats. Their owner is a legend for creating this tradition between the dogs.


Via Illivian / Reddit

11. She got caught calling upon the cat gods.

Via enkrypt3d / Reddit

12. The face you make to your elder sibling as he tells when of your embarrassing stories to your relatives.


Via fami*** / Reddit

13. Guess who disapproves of the idea of wearing socks? It’s like the cutie’s paws got caged.

Via Usernameinvalid117 / Reddit

14. The doggie got a new sweater and he cannot contain his happiness after wearing it. He absolutely loved the color pink and no, his masculinity was not hurt.


Via darthp*****c / Reddit

15. Meet Taita. This is how he reacted when his owner told him he was going on a diet. Taita knows sh*t like dieting never works. Be like Taita.

Via impablomations / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Via NPT1506 / Reddit

Cat tax.

“This small guy is stuck in the knot and has been sitting like that for a while.”


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