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35+ Of The Most Intelligent Things That Your Pets Are Capable Of Doing

Some pets can be incredibly dumb.

I mean we all like to think that our pets are Albert Einstein of their times but that is usually not correct. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but they usually sniff their own butts and don’t know where to to poop. Although I can’t really blame them for that since human babies do the same. However, there are times when we are surprised by our dog’s or cats’ reactions to a situation. I am sure you have read stories about how a cat saved a child or a dog to protect someone from hypothermia. I can safely say that nobody can be as loyal as a pet when it comes to it.


So when a Reddit user asked people to share the creepiest and the most intelligent thing their pets have done that absolutely surprised them, many people had stories to share. We might like to overestimate our beloved’s pet intelligence but this time it seems their owners underestimated it by quite a lot. And you can read all of the best stories by scrolling below and taking a look for yourself.

Source: Reddit

#1 He knew how to comfort you and that is adorable.

Via The-Goat-Lord

#2 A cat using food as bait to get a mouse? Ingenius!

Via darthbiscuit80

#3 Did he have a magical sixth sense or something because that is amazing.


Via JaySavvy

#4 He is certainly quite better than humans who always forget about their medicine.

Via code1coffee

#5 Who needs a security camera when you have guard cameras?

Via mangolangoon

#6 Cats sure do love to mess with everyone, don’t they?

Via LiterallyOuttoLunch

#7 You should definitely be proud of your genius doggo because I would be.


#8 If only you had looked at what he was looking at. You would have found the watch so much earlier.

Via dragonswithhats

#9 He probably saved that neighbor’s life because it could have ended really badly.


Via worblegarkey

#10 He just wanted to show off the fact that he knew you were hiding his pills.

Via enigma1235

#11 The dog was obviously smarter than the decorators.

Via ThaleaTiny

#12 It seems that her TV was broken and she was bored.


 Via Seicair

#13 This is why you never leave your food alone with your pet.

Via ILikeMapleSyrup

#14 Well, that is one way to go where you are not supposed to go.


#15 This cat was clearly the ‘Mother’ of the group which I can relate to.

Via AttentionSpanZero

#16 I would be very pleased with myself as well if I tricked someone.

Via dave8271

#17 Are we sure Popokie didn’t have any sort of vision problems?

Via PalePlebian

#18 That is one proud parent!

Via justasmalltowngrill

#19 I would have an even bigger reaction if that happened in front of me.


Via jack104

#20 She did what was asked of her so nobody could judge her for resting.

Via Visions_of_Gideon

#21 Cats do sometimes imitate their humans because they want to show how much they love them but I like your interpretation better.

Via turtletyler

#22 No door could keep this chubby cat from entering with style.

Via kyreannightblood

#23 I honestly wish we could have a device that would make our pets understand us.

Via lacquerqueen

#24 ‘All the hoomans are doing it so why can’t I?’


#25 Kids really do not understand what danger is and how to be safe.


Via bwatching

#26 That is some serious outside-of-the-box thinking right here.

Via Oryagoagyago

#27 I only wish all kids did this so we didn’t have to deal with the waft of their smelly litter.

Via mario_fingerbang

#28 Strays usually know how to take care of themselves and are what we call ‘street smart’.

Via Phtpnk

#29 Were you not feeding them the proper amount?

Via breentee

#30 This would have made me think I am crazy even more but I am glad she found out the truth.

Via Ranilen

#31 Maybe she could have figured out how to turn it off with a little more practice.

Via CapoeiristaAlpinista

#32 I think most cats are weirdly obsessed with mirrors or at least the ones I know.

Via fayemous84

#33 Pets can pick up social cues most of the time.

Via obidie

#34 She didn’t want to leave any evidence behind but didn’t how to flush it down though.

Via Smallekins

#35 Cats working together towards the same goal? What is this magic?

Via ikkleste

#36 Moving slightly would have definitely required a lot more effort.

Via Lexifer31

#37 He clearly didn’t know what he was supposed to do right at that moment.


#38 Everybody does like hammocks though.

Via treylew64

#39 It is better to spread things around evenly rather than put all your treasure in one place.

Via breakone9r

Has your pet ever done something that surprised you? If so comment down below and let us know.


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