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16 Of The Most Wholesome Posts We Found This Month That Made Us Smile

Many positive and uplifting events from online strangers were shared in May 2021. Even while we like the internet for providing us with a never-ending source of information and inspiration, it can occasionally be a rather depressing place. Every time we go online, it seems as though we are bombarded with ominous headlines, crude remarks, and contentious conversations. If you can relate, you really need some encouragement to remind you that things aren’t all bad. Thankfully, the focus of today’s post is on adding some wholesomeness to our lives in order to balance the scales. Considering this, here are some of the more popular ones, which we hope will make you smile as well.


1. Wishing a very happy and delightful birthday to both Delaney And Rosalee

Happy Birthday, Delaney And Rosalee

Photo: u/TruStoryz / Reddit

2. Living Next Door To A 10-Year-Old Baker
Living Next Door To A 10-Year-Old Baker

Photo: u/jayy8143 / Reddit

3. Enjoying little moments of life does not come with any age
Enjoying The Waterpark Just Like Kids

Photo: u/__Dawn__Amber__ / Reddit

4. Isn’t Everyone A Part of The Team?

Everyone Is A Part Of The Team

Photo: u/arnoldsandstor1 / Reddit

5. Molly you are a brave brave girl and I am so sorry for what happened. 
Molly Making Her Brother, Max, Proud

Photo: @Molly_Schiller_ / Twitter

6. A Dad’s support is all you need while achieving milestones like these

First Day Of Kindergarten To First Day Of College

Photo: u/Palifaith / Reddit

7. He reached out for someone’s help and did not expect they would become buds

Reaching Out For Help And Becoming Buds

Photo: u/iharmonious / Reddit

8. It’s funny but his pride and joy are his olives.

His Olives Are His Pride And Joy

Photo: u/OneAboveAll2983 / Reddit

Feeling a bit lighter already? We hope we made your day a little better. Keep scrolling if you want to feel much better.

9. The smile is wonderful and no doubt It is telling the story, brave dog!

The Smile Says It All

Photo: u/afieldtype62 / Reddit

10. In times like these, having your back supported by stranger is all I need

Strangers At Her Daily Bus Stop Had Her Back

Photo: u/-swxxtner- / Reddit

11. Making Sure The 12-Hour Shift Comes With Plenty Of Meals

Making Sure The 12-Hour Shift Comes With Plenty Of Meals

Photo: u/jayy8143 / Reddit

12. Acts Of Kindness like these must be appreciated. Specially For Muslims During Ramadan in the West

Acts Of Kindness For Muslims During Ramadan

Photo: u/shadyslytherins / Reddit

13. Have you ever felt encouraged from a stranger while you are hitting gym?

Encouragement From A Stranger At The Gym
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Photo: u/Fluffy_Freakout_ / Reddit

14. Grandma’s Artwork Is Being Appreciated on the Internet and that’s the most wholesome thing ever 

The Internet Is Appreciating Grandma's Artwork

Photo: u/iam_thegrayman / Reddit

15. The 3-Year-Old’s Fight Between Tummy And Mouth

The 3-Year-Old's Fight Between Tummy And Mouth

Photo: u/Zerhap / Reddit

16. How good is offering compliments to everyone, I love that part!

Giving Compliments Without Being Intimidating

Photo: u/__Dawn__Amber__ / Reddit


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