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Here’s What 9 Movie Scenes Look Like Without The CGI Effects

Hollywood is a two-ton force of fantasy and creativity when it comes to animation. From their early conventional movies to today’s fully-rendered 3D computer-animated films, Hollywood has maintained its magic touch in bringing worlds of iconic characters to life.

Though they have mastered the technique of CGI animation, the technology is not new to the industry. They’ve actually been using computerized animation techniques since 1985. They’ve transformed the style into art with their consistent use, and we’re here today to look at some of their best instances of using the technique. After going through this article, you might think your whole life was a lie. But actually, CGI is the very magic that has made you fall in love with these iconic movies. Here are 9 brilliant examples of Hollywood CGI.

#1 This is how Alice in Wonderland came to existence


Damn! Tweedledum and Tweeldledee were actually normal people on iron legs.

#2 The Jungle Book


The Tiger was actually a human being. My whole life was a lie…


This is pretty amazing I mean how can people bring technology is simply impressive it looks like it’s a lie and there was actually a tiger.

#3 Harry Potter


So Voldemort wasn’t THAT ugly after all!


#4 Beauty and the Beast


Every beast was once a normal man. And this is exactly how this movie animations were created. People and film producers are really someone who are too skilled and we are thankful to them for creating our childhood great.

#5 Game of Thrones


Now I know why wasn’t she afraid of dragons.



This scene gave me goosebumps NGL! This is one of the most finest scene that can be ever recorded in the history.

#6 The Empire Strikes Back


I held my breath through this scene. Didn’t know it was all animation…

#7 X-Men: Days of Future Past

What a movie!

#8 Wonder Woman


So you are telling me Wonder Woman didn’t have wonders at all?

#9 Mad Max: Fury Road


This movie is a masterpiece of creativity and imagination NGL!

Today, Hollywood has nearly perfected the technology and use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in films and television shows. CGI has been used by filmmakers all around the world to turn some of the most well-known and iconic movie scenes to life.

Most of the amazing moments you witness, from the dream world in “Alice in Wonderland” to the animals in “The Jungle Book,” are CGI composites developed in a studio. These CGI experts are literally too good at what they do. I mean, how someone can make us and our eyes fool and even though we know that CGI experts made it look like real we still think and believe like it’s the most real.

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