Nature Spent An Extra Hour On These Gorgeous Animals

When nature is in a happy mood, a lot of majestic animals are born.

All the things, living and non-living, that we see made by nature, are so wonderful. They make you go speechless. Nature cannot be described, it is so powerful and you just want to be on its good side. Because on a bad day, nature can cause some serious natural catastrophes and no one wants to be a part of them. Good thing for us, today we are going to look at all the good that our amazing nature did, in terms of creating some extremely gorgeous and very unique animals.

The thing about animals is that no one really goes for the looks. Humans love animals no matter how they look, it’s the inner beauty that counts which I know does sound funny and fictional, but when that animal enters the owner’s life and magic starts happening, you will believe me. So, it’s that adorable personality that we all love so much and the beauty is the icing on the cake, a bonus on top. And sometimes when nature decides to play an extra role, the animals born resultantly look so beautiful and rare that you really are left with no words to describe their beauty. You just think, “Wow, it looks like nature spent an extra hour or two on this animal”. I know I am raising your expectations a bit too high but these images will fully live up to them.

Without further ado, let’s enjoy pictures of some animals who stole the show with their unique looks.

Scroll down below for a very majestic session.

1. This Imperial Shag looks like an absolute warrior in their ninja attire.

That face looks so cool.

Via Instagram

2. The doctors had to shave some of her coat because this dog had to be spayed. When she grew that hair back, it was a whole new color.

The new fur looks like dark chocolate.


Via arthurdentstowels ​/ Reddit

3. This saw-shelled turtle looks like he is wearing an attire that you unlock after beating the final boss in a game.


I wouldn’t want to mess with that turtle.

Via Harrypc95 / Reddit

4. Platax pinnatus looks like it is made using CGI but no, it is real, all thanks to nature’s hard work.


Via monomotive / Reddit

5. This is a Pesquest’s parrot. They are mostly found in New Guinea and only feed on fruit. No wonder why this one has such a majestic glow up.


Via Greg Hume / Wikimedia

6. This owl probably has the best-looking feathers in the world and he is fully aware of that.


Via TheRookieGetsACookie / Reddit

7. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world’s only Manta Ray that is pink. No such Manta exists anywhere in the world except this one.


Via kristianlainephotography / Facebook

You really don’t want to do anything but applaud nature for its outstanding achievements. Hates-off and cannot wait for more wonders. But till then, let’s cherish what we already have.

Scroll down below to enjoy some more of nature’s amazing work in terms of the animal creation.

8. Okay, did nature signal to us that dinosaurs might make a return?


Via Unknown / Reddit

9. This is a European paper wasp. The reason why there is “paper” in the name is that they use paper to make their nests. The nest that you see in this picture was made from multi-colored paper.


Via Instagram

10. This gorgeous Strawberry Finch is living proof that nature can really do wonders.


Via KhanZadi_home / Reddit

11. The wolf you see in front is how big a normal wolf is. The one on the back was specially created by nature to shock us to the core.

hat wolf is huge.

Via FormerFruit / Reddit

12. Meet the most beautiful bird from Africa, the Violet-Backed Starling.


Via P_U_K_E_K_O / Reddit

13. This is a Spoonbill. Its extra-long beak is a massive attraction.

Via Defused

14. Robin the bird has a very handsome orange coat on its neck that makes it look very cute in the pictures.


Via Defused

15. This Black Stork could leave anyone speechless.

Via Defused

I really hope you guys had an amazing experience looking at these adorable animals. I really hope you guys enjoyed this one.

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