16 Pics Of Animals That Show They Are Creatures Of Their Own Mood

Animals can be very sassy at times.

Don’t even get me started on when they are in the mood to become divas and all savage. I have no idea what gets into them but it is what it is, they will not care about their owners at all and they will make sure that their owners realize that. The sassiness is also filled with lots and lots of tantrums. Now when a human being throws shade, it is often taken seriously and is dealt with equal amounts of shades if someone robust is standing on the other side like them. But when we talk about animals, all the savagery, tantrums, craziness, and randomness result in them being even more adorable than they already are. It just makes them cute for some reason and very hilarious, of course. I mean I don’t know what those pet owners feel at the moment when all the tantrums are being thrown at them but to an outsider, it looks very cute and funny.

Let’s enjoy some adorable examples of animals who have the audacity to mess with their owners at will.

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1. This is Siouxsie. She is very well known for starting random concerts in the middle of the night, that too at full volume.


Via loafjunky / Reddit

2. They were going to have an amazing photograph together but the cat went crazy just when her boyfriend clicked the button.


Via Immortal_Moon / Reddit

3. Whoever told this person to use a squirt bottle whenever their cat misbehaved, was very wrong.

You need to change your advisors, Maam.


Via Meems08 / Reddit

4. When you take a morning shower without saying good morning to your cat.


Via vika91 / Pikabu

5. Every story has two sides and this adventure tour picture proves this phenomenon.


Via Uknown author /

6. This is Murphy the cat. He only has 2 jobs. First is to break all the lamps in the house. Second is to sit in those broken lamps.


Via averymurph / Reddit

7. Look at Rufio’s sassy reaction after his owner closed in to shake hands.

Via averymurph / Reddit

8. They are siblings if you had any doubts in your mind.


Via onepumpwonder42 / Reddit

Wow, what got into these cuties? These reactions are so random and unexpected and that is the best part about animals. The surprise factor keeps us engaged forever. Where would be without animals? I have no idea and I am pretty sure you guys don’t either. So let’s just enjoy and live in these moments while we still can.

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9. This weirdo sits in the bathroom and waits patiently for its owner to shower only to lick the water off of their wet body, until they finally rub it dry with the towel.

Via mcparksky / Reddit

10. This person was trying to take a picture of this cake that they had just baked and look who decided to grace the final shot.

By the dog’s reaction, the cake looks delicious.


Via room23 / Reddit

11. Dog? What dog? I haven’t seen a dog since I was born.

Via TakeNaps-PetCats / Reddit

12. The dog saw his owners cuddling their cat and walked straight towards the cat and laid down on it, out of jealousy.


Via rachar2187 / Reddit

13. Just how kids behave during a car journey.

Via unknown / Reddit

14. I don’t think the cat fully understands how hide-and-seek works.


Via ZexyS / Reddit

15. Animals are emotionally supportive, but this one was a defective piece because this is how he reacted when his owner cried.

Via rachar2187 / Reddit

16. “Munch clawed my back in order to lie down on it. Yet, she has the guts to judge me for not being as flat as a table.”


Via Jessie_TR / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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