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20 Naughty Pets Who Got Themselves In Trouble And Asked For Human Help

Cute little troublemakers.

We have to admit that we all are a bit envious of our pets and their peaceful lives. They do not have to stress about homework or job, they do not have to worry about anything. They are careless and carefree, they sleep all day and wake up to eat whenever they want to. They have their owners taking care of them all the time like little babies. They do not care about how are we going to pay taxes this month, how will we make to ends meet or anything else. They sleep in beds of roses, get served everything in a silver plate and live like royalties. We all want that life too, right? Oh, what I would do to have a simple and carefree life like my pets. How fun it would be to get spoiled by your loved ones and get treats whenever you listen to them.


All of this is true but I must tell you guys that sometimes life gives our pets lemons too. Their lives take unexpected turns too and they experience some hardships too. Here is the collection of pictures found on the internet of pets getting into troubles and asking their humans for help, which is the cutest thing ever. Keep on scrolling down too see them for yourselves…

1. “My cat tried to climb the net and got her nails caught in it, so she is now stuck this way.”

© who-dini / reddit

2. “Any love for a wet doggy-dog?”


© Princesserika / imgur

3. “My dog is scared of this hardcore party parrot.”


© nursesdoitawesome / reddit

4. “Little Bunny’s day at the spa”


© Faeorie / imgur

5. “My cat, Lo, giving some heavy side-eye”


© Qualitycheese / imgur

6. “I’ve made a mistake, help me human.”


© bertiebotts_14 / reddit

7. “Caught the exact moment my dog fell over.”


© SlayJay / imgur

8. “Not sure what he’s doing.”


© Theusernameformerlyknownastildo / imgur

9. “My cat caught a lizard!”


© DaftGirlCC / imgur

10. “Big girl is scared of the vet’s office.”


© GorGen33 / imgur

These images are so beautiful and they give such a heartwarming message, just like our pets are always there to help us emotionally, we are always there for them. No matter what, an owner’s true love for their pets never dies. It only knows how to increase and that is all. Keep scrolling we have more pictures for you below…

11. “Our Ophelia was such a big rabbit. The cat couldn’t even believe the size of her.”

© Lumayman / reddit

12. “This is the second or third time Buttercup has had a bath. He is a very good kitty but gets scared very easily.”


© Sourpatchky / reddit

13. “It’s their first time in the snow. Not really a fan…”

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© N_Russia_Kat_owns_U / reddit

14. “Brought a new baby home today. My nakey baby is a bit miffed.”


© Meowspoopy / reddit

15. “Getting her nails clipped for the first time”

© CatDoctorU / twitter

16. “Agnes is scared of her new baby brother.”


© Anonimouscrank / reddit

17. “Took my bunny to the beach for the first time. The beach may not be her thing.”

© iguanodon / imgur

18. “The ’Human, I request your help,’ face”


© PushHere / imgur

19. “I was trying to take a picture of my sleeping cat but ended up scaring her instead.”

© ladymoonshine / imgur

20. “My baby Tyler being scared by dinos”


© Keletupp / imgur

This was such an amazing thing to share with everyone, these pets are so naive and innocent. That is mainly the reason why we fall more in love with animals because they are like little babies, we must protect them and love them as if they are our own children. Is your pet a troublemaker too? We would love to hear their story of mischief in the comments down below…


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