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40 Rebellious Cats Hanging Out In Places They Shouldn’t Be

Another post about cats chilling in the weirdest places? We are in!

First things first, cats are incredibly amazing creatures. When it comes to converting awkward places into cosy spots, no one does it better than cats! Whether it’s the keyboard of your computer, tiny containers, a hard surface, or even your head, literally anything can be an ideal hangout place for them. In our eyes, many of these places might seem impossible for our kitties to fit in but our cats, well, they just know how to fit themselves in! However, there are many reasons that make some spots more appealing than others. From temperature control to safety and security or attention-seeking, it can be anything and there’s no way you can point out that particular reason.


But does that stop us from adoring them? Nope! It is a well-known fact that almost everyone adores cats. Even if someone is scared to approach a cat, they still can’t stop themselves from gushing over cats and falling for their cuteness. It is very rare to meet someone who dislikes cats. Cats are the softest creatures ever. They are this big ball of fur that you can fall in love with every time you see them. They have the most beautiful marble-like eyes that always grab your attention in the dark and their cuteness simply cannot be explained in words!

Anyways, enough with their cuteness and stuff, what about their mysterious and mischievous nature? What about their moods? Oh, and are we going to forget how they have been ruling over us ever since we were born? Cat owners would know what we are talking about and how these little troublemakers love being caught in the weirdest places. Finding your cat is an everyday struggle that you will have to deal with. And the cherry on the top? Do you think you’d just call them and they’d show up? No sir, no matter how much you call out their name, they won’t even listen to it UNLESS they want to. So, best of luck with that.

We have gathered a list of pictures that are living proof of how much they enjoy chilling at the oddest places! Are you ready? Let’s start!

Via: catsplacess


Why did it remind me of El-Pablo?

2. Caretaker of the watermelons!


She looks like such a natural! She is totally made for the farm to take care of all the fruits and stock!

3. Accompanying my mommy at work!


I’m just gonna take a little nap and you better be done with your work by the time I get up.

4. Ready for my bath, mommy!


Just make sure that you don’t use the water today.

5. Why do I feel like someone is staring at me?


I can feel the presence of a dark shadow.

6. I am one of the towels!


7. White pasta!


What a cutie!

8. Rolled up like sushi!


9. Mini doctor!


Cat be like – that’s my assistant.

10. Hand over some cash!


11. I get to sleep through the class because I am special

Let these humans study.

12. Enough of the reading, caress me now!


13. I am the food you need!

Advertisement by UDM

OMG look at those paws! Aww

14. Get rid of the curtains, It is blocking the sun!


15. Helping my sister puke when she is sick.

16. Hope you like your new shoes!



17. Mom, I think I jumped too high…

Can you please get me down?

18. No one take me out, I need my alone time!


19. I fit here perfectly! It’s the perfect bed

20. Resting in the washing machine!


Just to let you know, one of the main reasons why a cat would squeeze itself in tiny places is to regulate its body temperature. On the other hand, their basic survival instincts also influence them to choose their spots. As every cat has its own set of history, its choices of safe places can vary depending on its experiences.

Another benefit and reason for choosing an odd spot is because they feel that they cannot be easily detected while they can still keep an eye on what’s going on. Too smart, right? Anyways, let’s continue with the remaining pictures now, shall we?

21. I am so tiny, I fit into a bottle!

22. Which candy do you want, miss?


Oh, sorry. That’s not for sale.

23. Ice cream man at your doorstep!

Oops, sorry. I ate all the ice cream already.

24. Perfect window to peek through!

Don’t even need a spycam anymore. My cat would do the job.

25. Too thirsty!

26. Got stuck inside the sofa in search of the mouse


I see you, little thief!

27. Professional guitar player


28. Making sure he stays down

Don’t worry boys, I’ve got this.

29. Technicians in the house


30. Perfect new phone!

31. This box was made for me! I fit here perfectly

32. My skin is leaking from the holes! Save me


33. Guarding my human’s car

How the hell can they even stand on a car’s door handle? HOW!?

34. Is that me in the mirror?

I have such big eyes!

35. A chicken laid cats.


This chicken has some explaining to do.

36. Marble eyes

37. Mommy, my head got stuck!

38. Here to supervise the transactions!


39. Chonky!

40. Here to accompany my dear friend tortoise!

Oh well, we have finally reached the end of this post and we are pretty sure that you enjoyed every bit of it, didn’t you? And by now, we hope that your doubts about cats being able to fit themselves literally ANYWHERE have been cleared. However, regardless of everything, we absolutely love our adorable little kitties and would do anything for them.

Also, you must stay vigilant that sometimes cats who are seeking warmth and security, end up napping in places that aren’t safe for them. So, you must keep an eye on them and keep checking potential harmful areas that can cause hurt to your furry little companion. Lastly, we would love to know what was the weirdest place you found your cat in? Share your experiences with us down in the comments section below.


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