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Time To OD On Happiness As You See These 20 Newly Adopted Faces

Give us happy pet faces and we are good for life.

It really is an overwhelming experience when you see those happy faces enjoying life to the fullest. And trust me when you watch them sleeping like the most relaxed animal in the world, it does make you think of their past and what they had been through to get to the position they are in now. That’s the thing about animals they do not know how to give up. That hope sure does go down but it never dies. They are always hopeful that one day their hero will come and will adopt it them to provide them with the best life that they had always deserved.


Adoption is one of the most generous acts in the world and does take a lot to commit to it but we are glad these superheroes fully did. Today we are going to show you some newly adopted faces that are bound to get your serotonin levels to an al time high.

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1. “Cat I found in a bush…”

Via u/Artichoke9000

2. “Stray puppy found that now has a new home. Meet my little night monster, Lilith.”


Via u/nathanthrax

3. “Just adopted these love bugs and now I’m never leaving the house”



4. “Picked this sweet girl up from the shelter.”


Via u/Dubritski

5. “Husband came home last with a surprise. Said she’s been living under his aunt’s porch and he couldn’t leave her there.”


Via u/laughingroses1

6. “I just got her today! She is 9 weeks old, any name ideas?”


Via u/Bouncy_yay

7. “After waiting seven years I was finally able to get a new best friend. Reddit, meet Archie.”


Via u/DuckDuckGoss

8. “Found this on the adoption page. First night at home from the shelter! Happiest adoption photo ever! Always adopt.”


Via u/rosseepoo

9. “It was either a motorcycle or a puppy. I chose Kaiju.”


Via u/v3n0mat3

10. “I can’t believe I got these two from the pound! I am so excited to have them in my life!”


Via u/Zomodee

How d you guys feel viewing these images and reading the stories associated with them. These are pure experiences and only the lucky ones get to experience them. This is what a match made in heaven really is.

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11. “Found this little lady in my car engine. I heard meowing while I was going down the road so I stopped and was met with this adorable face. Still considering names- ideas ??”

Via u/fuzzywuzzy815

12. “I adopted this little guy yesterday morning. He slept glued to my side and follows me everywhere. Even to the bathroom.”


Via u/FrrriskyWhiskey

13. “Oldest cat in the shelter, I couldn’t let her spend the tail end (ha!) of her golden years in jail. Say hi to Weezy! I”

Via u/sharpbehind

14. “Got my first cat ever…”


Via u/I_am_DFW

15. “We just rescued this little floof, what should we call her?”

Via u/AvocadoExterminator

16. “Before and after being adopted. Meet our new boy Louie.”


Via u/Pomegranate_Tree

17. “Just picked up this 8 week old little lady from a flea market for free. I was just looking for some throwing stars. Hit me with some name ideas!”

Via u/Part_of_the_problema

18. “I got a rescue and he’s just my best friend ever after a couple of days”


Via u/bigfatintrovert

19. “I have been claimed. Meet Juniper! First-time cat mom.”

Via u/singsongsilly

20. “My husband found this little lady in the rain. She has found her forever home! Welcome to the family Princess Buttercup”


Via u/f-as-in-philip

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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