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Girlfriend Doesn’t Like That Her Boyfriend Refers To His Kittens As His Babies

As soon as you adopt an animal, you become its parent.

Adoption is a beautiful thing. You give an animal a home, a forever home to spend the rest of its days in joy, feeling loved, and in the best possible way. It is almost like having a son or a daughter. The inseparable bond that forms between an owner and her pet is the same if not stronger than the one between a parent and their child. But adopting is a huge responsibility and should only be taken on when you are ready to honor it properly.

Given the magnitude of the efforts required by the owners to keep their pets happy and healthy, they are referred to as pet dads or pet moms and I don’t think anyone should have a problem with that. For example, suppose you have a cat and it just broke your $3000 Smart TV. Would you hit the cat? No! Because you are its Dad/Mom. I am telling you, a pet owner will never settle for any honor less than the one they achieve after becoming a pet parent.

As I mentioned above, no one should have a problem with owners being pet parents but this one girlfriend has a lot of problems with her, cat dad, boyfriend. Reddit user KittyKaty5509, who is the boyfriend in this story shared that his cat recently had some adorable kittens and he referred to them as “his babies”. Turns out, his girlfriend found this behavior extremely weird and didn’t want him to refer to his cats as his children or babies.

The OP turned towards the sacred community of Am I The A**hole? to ask if calling his cats his own babies is the wrong thing to do or not. Scroll down below to read OP’s story and do share your vote at the end.


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You know what, dramas these days feel like they are fully made up but the sad reality is that they aren’t, they are real as nature. It’s just that the caliber has dropped so low. I remember dramas back in the day used to start on stop weightful topics. This freaking drama started with a cat owner calling his cat a baby and his girlfriend telling him he can only do that if he bangs the cat. I mean, what? The boyfriend is NTA. They are his cats. If he wants to identify as their dad, he fully can and no one can stop him from doing so.

The only thing OP needs to comply with is my suggestion to leave his girlfriend. That thing she said about impregnating the cat is still disturbing me so much. How could she possibly think of something like that? She is insane and if OP wants to spend some quality time for the remainder of his life, he should get rid of this inconsiderate b*tch!

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Cat tax.

“I met Criminal a month ago when I walked out of the shower at 4 am and found her in my apartment. She was living in the woods behind my building and very scared of humans. I slowly built trust to coax her indoors, and now she is an extremely aggressive cuddler who will not leave my side.”


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