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14 Year Old Girl Asks Reddit Whether She Was Wrong For Not Paying Her Uncle Back

People are weird and awful.

I myself have done really stupid things in my life. Yes, we humans are very weird. And no, I don’t think there is a need to tell all of this to you because you guys probably know this reality. But reminders are always nice, aren’t they? Something to pierce right through the skin to poke the hearts in order to remind us of our real places.


Today we’ve got a Reddit story for you guys which will involve you all as well. The story is about this unemployed girl who had periods, and her uncle drove her to get all the necessary stuff like the sanitary pads and tampons and decided to get her some other stuff as well like chocolates, Starbucks, etc. Her uncle did not take a penny from the girl, which is absolutely fine. But her parents were absolutely mad at her as to why did she let her uncle pay. Weird, right?

Now I ain’t saying anything. You guys can scroll down below to read the whole story for yourselves and then decide if that girl was really an a-hole to not pay her uncle back.

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Here’s how it all went down.

Her uncle has been very helpful and an amazing man.
This is all you need and uncle has done nothing wrong.
We get it, rules are rules but still, her parents aren’t being reasonable at all. It’s okay if her uncle doesn’t want the money back.

Could this get any weirder?

Kinda preposterous of the way her parents reacted. I mean, just listen to this for a second. Your uncle takes you somewhere to help you get the stuff you need for your period or anything at all. Let’s keep it open. And while you’re shipping for your stuff, he decides to get you some more stuff on your way back and doesn’t let you pay. Is there anything wrong with what you just read? It’s your damn uncle! Nice uncles are supposed to do that. I think the parents were being overdramatic.

And here’s what the Reddit community had to say about what went down.

This person said that the 14-year-old was not in control of the situation and hence she shouldn’t be blamed.


This Redditor says the girl’s parents’ negligence is to be blamed.


True that. Who else is supposed to care for the children then if not their very own parents? Obviously other family members and that is exactly what happened. Neglegance from one side. Importance from the other.


Uncle’s gaining all the votes here.


“It makes me think what they’d do if she were actually sick.”


Here’s my verdict. That girl is not the a** hole for not paying her uncle back. I totally approve of what happened. The little girl was obviously not in control of the situation and when she needed her parents, they refused to give any help. So, what else would she have done? Parents need to take such matters more seriously. I totally agree with this last Reddit comment. What would have happened if the little girl had gotten sick? Would they still be tired to take her to the doctor?

What do you guys think of the situation? AITA or NTA? Share with us in the comments section down below.


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