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20 Older Pets Whose Age Is Directly Proportional To The Love They Have To Offer

The love cats and dogs give to their owners throughout their lives is unimaginable and cannot be described in words. The journey from a kitten to grown old cat fella or a journey from a puppy to a grown old dog mate can be full of exciting and fun-filled ventures. The bond becomes even stronger and stronger as years pass. Human connect with humans but the connection with the pets is always different and beautiful. The love of a pet stays with you throughout the years including the tough times. Considering this, we have collected some posts of reddit users of their adorable pets and how they look in their old age. Some of the pets have met with their owners first baby which is quite amazing. So, scroll down below and see the most adorable pictures of humans with their grown up furry companions.


1. Hello my name is August I am the oldest known Golden Retriever. Today I turned 20. Say happy birthday to Augie

via © GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue / Facebook

2. This beautiful cat turned 21 years old. “He has accompanied me through my teenage years, college, my marriage and was able to meet my 4-months old baby. Thank you for a lifetime of companionship. I love you with all my heart”, owner writes a lovely post.


via © amsa40 / Reddit

3. Owner shares his adorable dog photo where he meets with his first born child after 17 years. Isn’t it cute?

via © physical_Boss3285 / Reddit

4.  This beautiful furry cat is 17 years old, owner shares a picture expressing his love.


via © HeadlessCake / Reddit

5. Owner and his wife shares the picture of an old dude which they adopted several years ago.


via © bassDAD / Reddit

6. Say Happy 15th Birthday to me, says old doggo with his cake.


via © thesnootylamb / Reddit

7. Owner shares an adorable picture of him and his buddy Lexi who is gonna turn 10 years old. He has been with him throughout his college, they have been through 3 cities together wherever they go they go together. Such a mate he is.

                                                            via © diam8827 / Reddit

8. This cute little guy has been with his owner throughout the owner’s elementary, middle, and high school and he just turned 9 years old. Look at those big shiny eyes.


                                                                       via © chesquid / Reddit

9.  This cute little doggo was just a baby when the owner had him and now look at him he’s 11 years old.


via © atmtn / Reddit

10. Owner shares a photo of his beautiful cat who is peacefully sleeping on him and surprisingly this cutie pie is gonna turn 16 years old. Amazing, isn’t it?


                                                                            via © DoNotChris / Reddit

11. Reddit owner shares his dog’s beautiful picture and expresses his gratitude of working froml home as he gets to see his dog’s face everyday.

via © sillyprilly / Reddit

12. People even have dogs who have lived by their sides for as long as 18 years. Meet this 18 year old fella.

                                                                        via © Algrimor / Reddit

13. 18 years ago his owner tried to foster this beautiful cat until she found a home. This cat is now 20 years old and his favorite buddy and she is still strong. Such a long friendship.

via © S***eKing / Reddit

14. The owner shares the journey of being together with her dog for 15 years. She is still healthy and she is still up for running. Her owner hugs her every single day to make sure she’s loved.


                                                                              via © cute-monkey / Reddit

15.  Owner shares his undying love for her 17 years old cat. She loves her as she is still a baby kitten.

                                                                              via © ecmerd / Reddit

16. Hello my name is Ramble. I have been living with my owner for 14 years and I am a very good boy.


                                                                          via © bobhadanaccident / Reddit

17. Hey, I am Fritz, I am 19 years old. As you can see my favorite spot is under the table.

                                                                   via © innescent / Reddit

18. His owner wanted to share this beautiful picture of his cat who has turned 25 years old today. Yes you read it right; 25 damn years!


via © AdSignal1933 / Reddit

19.  Can you see the care and love in this old dog’s eye.

                                                                   via © Terminater400 / Reddit

20. This black beauty has spent 6 years on street and 3 years in shelter. Now she’s 13 years old and she finally have a home.

                                                                            via © Gland120proof / Reddit
After reading these posts, you would be wondering how beautiful is it to have a pet by your side through all your tough years. Let us know in the comment section how did you like these adorable pet companionship stories we just shared with you. Do you have any pet with you who has been by your side for many years? Can you relate to any of these stories? Some fondest memories of your pets is what we would be glad to hear.

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