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40+ Images Of Cleaning Fails That Are Hilarious And Painful At The Same Time

No one likes doing house chores.

You cannot expect me to believe you if you say you love doing house chores. Nobody does. Because firstly, they come up at the worst time possible because for me I get a call to clean all the rooms just when I’ve gotten into an online 1 v 1. Now how do I tell my Mum that this game cannot be paused. Lost around 1500 coins the other day because I had to tidy the lawn. Still salty about that.


I am pretty sure that life is now easy when one of those vacuum robots got invented. Even I myself thought ‘yay, no more vacuuming.’ But those tiny innocent machines that we thought would do all the work for us, sometimes double our work. Apparently, the inventors forgot to put a brain in that thing and it is very easy for that tiny automatic vacuum cleaner to get entangled with anything. And then it is our job to rescue the baby from dangers.

Time for a little history lesson. The first robot vacuum cleaner was invented by a person named James Dizon. They didn’t get much fame until 2014, these futuristic vacuums swept the market. Although very tiny in size, these robot vacuums make up almost 1/5th of the global vacuum cleaning market. Now that is huge.

The best-selling robot vacuum is known as the Roomba. Roomba holds approximately 70% of the total sales of robot vacuums which makes it a clear-cut market leader. Even with a hefty price tag of $300 per unit, iRobot has still managed to sell over 14 million units worldwide. More on that later..

People have been sharing some very hilarious stories about their cleaning fails and trust me, you won’t regret going through these. Scroll down below for some proper hilarity.

1. “Mother knew I wanted a Roomba but she didn’t want to waste that much money on one. So she found one for a bargain. Note: It has zero vacuuming ability.”

2. “A volunteer at our local cat rescue turned on the vacuum.” Aww, such innocent souls!


3. “Apparently my husband hasn’t learned how to hide his charger cords from ‘Eva’ the vacuum.” They’ve got names now?


4. I wonder why it wasn’t working…


5. “I’m afraid our vacuum with quit soon. It seems he has an interview.”


6. Looks like little boy Roomba had one too many last night.


7. “This is what I woke up to.”


8. “When the robo vacuum ruins its perfect track lines returning back to base.” OCD Warning!!!


9. “This is Carl. He likes to squeeze into impossible spots and then sleep. This is his favorite spot, takes 2+ people to get him out.”


10. “Apparently my dog thought the Roomba was an assailant.”


11. “Local doggie daycare learned a valuable about leaving a Roomba in the reception area.”

12. “My parents tested using Robo-Vac to clean the unfinished basement and apparently left the walk-out door open.”


13. “Roomba tried to make a break for it today.”

14. “Forgot my headphones on the ground while the Roomba was running.”


15. “Wife and teen daughter said vacuum wasn’t working. Checked roller brush.”

16. Roomba is stuck near a cliff. A cliff.


17. “My robot vacuum ate a piece of chalk.”

18. “Bumped the empty button after finishing vacuuming.”


19. “Just my neighbor vacuuming his grass.”

20. “Came into the kitchen to find my dog trapped the dead Roomba with his toys.”


21. “This vacuum at work hadn’t been cleaned in a while.”

22. “Why you shouldn’t agree to dogsit when you have a robot vacuum.”


Colin Angle, the CEO, and co-founder of iRobot told TechCrunch in an interview that the number of Roombas they have sold clearly shows that the business that they have is very steady. iRobot also predicts that the future is all about artificial intelligence. And as we move into the future, the demand for smarter houses will increases, which will also raise the demand for vacuum robots.

Regardless of all the booming sales, the robot vacuums do have their disadvantage, which for us are created very hilarious situations.

Scroll down below for some more vacuum fails.

23. “My buddy’s girlfriend has a Husky and hasn’t vacuumed for a few months. This came out of said vacuum after.”

24. “Received a notification from my iRobot app. ‘Roomba requires your attention. Roomba is stuck near a cliff'”

25. “Roomba suicide in my house last night. It somehow wrapped up its sensors in toilet paper and headed off the edge.” RIP.

26. “Just found out I bought vacuum which doesn’t have any vacuum capabilities. It just rolls around the floor.” Looks like this person got rick-rolled? Okay sorry.


27. “Just vacuuming the street in front of the 5-star hotel.”


28. “Not only did it steal the bloody shower towel, it tried to hide under the vanity thing. I suppose it wanted to snack in private.”

29. “It made it less than a meter from the charger before asking to be charged again.”


30. “Our Roomba had a run-in with naked barbie. Naked barbie lost.”

31. “Today I came home to a vacuum robot with artistic pretensions.”

32. “Apparently I found a loose thread while vacuuming.”


33. “Came home from dinner and found my vacuum hanging on for life”

34. “Never vacuum your keyboard.”

35. “Found out why the Roomba quit working.”


36. “This Roomba didn’t come home last night after its scheduled cleaning and is nowhere to be found.”

37. “Started cracking up when I discovered SNL’s Mr. Bill stuck like this in the Roomba. Poor guy!”

38. “Roomba has gone rogue.”


39. “My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s poop and proceeded to ‘clean my home’.

40. “Cat + Paint can + A Roomba”

41. “This is what happens when your wife leaves the door open to the pool area. Your expensive robot vacuum decides it wants to meet the pool vacuum. Goddammit.”


42. “I hear screaming coming from the living room only to find my 5-year-old daughter on the floor with her hair all sucked up & tangled in our iLife robot vacuum.”

43. “I found this while vacuuming under our bed.”

44. “Doggo vs Vacuum!”


45. “My girlfriend was wondering why her vacuum was not working anymore.”

And that is all from the vacuum fails. I hope you guys had a great laugh as much as I did compiling these fails for you. Honestly, makes you wanna question the fact that we’re already halfway through 2021, and this thing started gaining fame in 2014. Been 7 years and these robots still manage to make a fuss out of one job that they have. Still got a lot to work on.

Anyways, how did you like it? Let us know in the comments section down below. Share your experience if you’ve ever had the opportunity to test a robot vacuum.


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