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18 Pet Owners Who Unleashed Their Love For Dogs And Spoiled Them Rotten

Spoiling your pet with immense love and attention is never too much. You are going to have some fun time reading the following stories as this article unleashes craziest and goofiest forms of human love with their dogs. These people can go above and beyond when it comes to spoiling their pets. Pets, on the other hand, enjoy their pampered life and get used to it. Whether it is providing them with fancy food, being a bed to them, tucking and cuddling in bed, or giving them an extra treat, these dog owners are not coming slow! Here is the assortment of 19 Twitter and Reddit users’ pawsome posts showing profound affection towards their dogs that will brighten up your day.


1. Dogs get a king’s treatment as owner gives him fridge’s purified water

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2. Beware of the time when your wife chooses your dog over you


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3. Lucky one-year old fella having his charcuterie board treat on his birthday


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4. Dog cuddles> human cuddles


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5. Owner shares an adorable story where she calmed her dog back to sleep as she was scared barking in sleep


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6. Owner made a quilt for his dog as she was chilly, super cute


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7. Cute bedtime routine of dog cuddling with wife, occupying husband’s spot, spoiled a little too much, no?


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8. Wife gets angry as husband blows his nose loud, “dog might get scared, ssshhh”


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9. Sometimes throwing extravagant birthday party to your pet is more important than saving money, yikes


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10. Owner comes home after two weeks, cuddles adorably with pet dog, wife shares a picture on Reddit


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11. Once you own a dog, it becomes impossible to not picture them while they’re sleeping

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12. King sized bed for a dog, almost treated like a king, no?


You might be thinking that these fellas have gone way too far spoiling their dogs. No, no, you have yet to witness some more crazy fellas who have no limits when it comes to showering their pet dogs with love. Keep scrolling if you want to read some truly iconic pet spoiled with human love stories. Get yourself tune in to witness some more; cleaning dog puke, being a bed to time and biding them goodbye several times.

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13. Some owners can be very thoughtful about their dog’s entertainment, can spend a great deal of time selecting the right TV channel for them, interestingly

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14. Reddit user share funny and adorable photo of being a bed to three of his pet dogs


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15. You may not know what it feels like to own a pet until you have one

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16. Turns out, saying goodbye to your dog is more essential than greeting your parents. Again, not spoiled enough!


17. Reddit user shares adorable picture of his little furry friend, tucked into bed just right

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18. Husband cleans dog puke, and later pets his dog, wife shares adorable story


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19. Twitter users a funny story where he spoiled his dog by giving him treats each time he did a trick, now his dog can’t get back up after rolling over

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What do you think about these pawsome stories? Spoiled enough? I know, right. Let us know in the comments if you can relate to any of the story. Do let us know if you have also spoiled your pet by giving him bundles of affection and love as these owners do. Also, tell your your favorite pet ways in which you show affection to your dog buddies.


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