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17 Wholesome Photos That Show How Much Our Dogs Love Us

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend. The love we have for dogs is reciprocated equally, or perhaps, maybe even more, by them. They don’t just see us as their feeding machines but actually as their own family. They would protect us even if it means putting themselves in extreme danger. It is also proven by various studies that dogs actually adore their owners a lot. These beautiful creatures act as our companions till the end. Isn’t that proof enough of how much love they have for us? How could one even resist loving them back. Just getting home to their happy faces waiting for us, with their tongues hanging out and their wagging tails is enough to win our hearts. Now imagine this happens all day, everyday. Yep, we definitely need more of these 4-legged furry friends around the world. And the endless amounts of cuddles and snuggles and not to mention, the silly yet cute things they do. We are sure by now, you must’ve hugged your dog real tight.


And, for those of you dog lovers, who don’t have a dog – yet, we have got some amazing pictures that would make you fall in love with these furry friends, all over again. These pictures are visual proof about a doggos love towards us, humans. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer, scroll down below for some heart warming pictures.

1. “Bonnie put her favorite toy on my packed suitcase.”

Take the hint, human! Take Bonnie with you. Look at that innocent face. How would you ever be able to leave without feeling bad?

2. “My dog was so excited to see me when I got home, he ‘hugged’ me!”


True love. Enough said!

3. “My anxious dog after making her first doggy friend”


Aww! This little precious doggiee. *sending virtual hugs*

4. “My daughter was born a week ago and my dog will not leave her side.”


Gentle and comforting. Bless this doggos pure heart!

5. “How my dog hugs me when I come home.”


The kind of hugs we all want.

6. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, brings her blanket to you if she likes you.”


You are now the chosen one.

7. “My dog takes care of me when I’m sick, and he only sleeps when I’m sleeping. I took this picture right after I woke up.”



8. “My dog cuddling with her only newborn puppy”


Tiny nugget getting her daily dose of cuddles.

9. “My fiancé chose my dog over me for a cuddle and my dog just rubbed it in my face.”


Well, that’s okay! Two favorite beings together. What more do we need?

10. “I just want someone to look at me the way my dog looks at me.”


That smile! Those gentle eyes! *swoons*

11. “How my daughter’s dog waits for her to get home from school.”

Awwieee! And look that pink sweater. This daughter is so lucky.

12. “This is how my new dog rode in my car after we left the shelter.”


Poor baby! I hope this doggo gets all the love, as much as possible.

13. “Find someone who stares at you the way my dog stares at my wife.”

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Cheeky little doggo.

14. “My girlfriend’s dog hugs me every time I come over.”


Coming in for some petting and cuddles in 3..2..1.

15. “My parent’s dog came to visit for the first time since February, and my golden retriever was so happy to be reunited.”


16. “My son broke his arm and ever since he came home, my girlfriend’s dog won’t leave his side.”


Emotional Support. Wow! Precious.

17. “My wife just left for work for the first time in 3 months.”

And the waiting game, begins!

Oh, my God! Our hearts cannot handle so much love. Do you have dogs who love you unconditionally? Please, share with us in the comments section below. Just can’t get enough of these. Besides, we all need a little… no wait, a lot of positivity in our lives right now. This is just the best way to spread happiness around. Don’t forget to share these adorable pictures with your friends and family!


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