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Protective Cat Dad Forbids Friends From Bringing Their Dogs Over, Even Though Friends Claim Dog Is Very Calm

Dads are like either you are gonna live in this house or this cat is gonna live in this house but when they get attached to these little furry four-legged felines they ought to be the most protective. Cats are amazing creatures and they deserve a full range of their homes. When the original poster of this thread and his wife decided to have a get-together with friends, they immediately thought of their cats when one of their friends asked to bring their dog.

What really gets to us is that said friend was offended when OP denied his request to bring the dog to the party. It’s OP’s house, and inside are two cats who should not be concerned that a strange foreign dog will enter their space and possibly heckle them. OP is a careful Cat daddy, and we applaud his correct decision to refuse his friend’s doggo. That would be a different story if OP had a fenced-in yard. He, however, does not. The cats and dogs would be forced to share the house and interact, which could have negative consequences. It’s simply not worth taking the chance.

So what are you waiting for guys? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun. And in the end you know the drill it’s up to you guys to let us know who’s the A-hole here.


1. Clearly not

Font - Posted by u/PizzaInteraction Asshole Aficionado [16] 6 days ago AITA for not letting a friend bring their dog to my house?

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2. Cat dad had to say no because there are two felines living in that house

Handwriting - Since the weather is getting nice, my wife and I decided to invite people over for a party this weekend. One couple asked if they could bring their dog to the party, to which I said, "No."


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3. Oh he’s just really worried about his cats

Font - I don't have a fenced yard, so the dog would have had to be in the house with us. And let me clarify that I love dogs; I will pet any dog that allows it. However, I have 2 cats. And neither has lived with a dog in years. And honestly, if i had no pets, i would let them bring the dog. (The dog in question is a 40 pound mixed breed)


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4. Cats and dogs you guys know the rest

Font - I refuse to lock up my cats so my friends can bring over their dog. They claim the dog is, "a very good boy," which I don't doubt. But my cats will likely be terrified the whole time.


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5. Well, that friend needs to understand OP’s concern

Font - My friend is offended that I won't let them bring their dog; I think it's my house and my cats don't deserve to be locked up. AITA for not letting my friend bring their dog to the party?


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6. Point to be noted here

Font - Ok_Image6174 - 6 days ago Colo-rectal Surgeon [30] NTA, the dog is not a child and can stay home for a few hours. Your cats deserve to be in peace in their own home. 1.2k ●●● Reply Share


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7. OP you are clearly not an A-hole here, let’s see what others have to say.

Font - zZombi 6 days ago Colo-rectal Surgeon [34] ΝΤΑ The dog doesn't always have to go where they are.. And your friends sound entitled by being mad about their dog not being allowed


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8. OP’s concern is valid

Font - magnus_the_fish. 6 days ago Asshole Aficionado [15] ΝΤΑ It's your house and your reasoning is really sound. Even if you had a fenced yard or had no pets, it's not unreasonable to ask that dogs are left at home.


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9. That’s exactly my point here

Font - Wars4w 6 days ago Asshole Aficionado [16] ΝΤΑ You have no obligation to invite a dog into your home. You don't need a reason, but leaving a dog at home is easier on it than locking up your cats would be on them.


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10. See the poor cats get terrified long after the dog had gone too

Organism - BinReady123. 6 days ago NTA. We have cat here and she would be terrified if a dog came in the house. She would be scared long after the dog had gone too. The house is her sanctuary and she is part of our family. There is no way I would violate that, just for the convenience of someone else.


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11. NTA

Font - Legally Blonde_258 6 days ago Partassipant [3] And even if it was a child, OP still wouldn't be an AH for saying no if it's not a child friendly party. NTA.Via Legally_Blonde_258

12. It’s your home and your decision only to make

Font - bos-tea-party 6 days ago I have a fenced in yard and three dogs and work at a goddamn animal shelter And I still don't let people bring their pets to my home because it stresses one of my dogs out intensely and she'd have to stay indoors locked up alone. And even if I had zero dogs it's still my decision to make! What an entitled pet owner this person is


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13. This is hilarious for an advice

Font - Shebalba64205 · 6 days ago Professor Emeritass [76] What type of entitlement does this friend have to think their dog is 1. necessary to bring to someone else's house? and 2. important enough to get PISSED at someone for not letting the dog come? Best solution is to not invite the friend, either, until they can behave as well as they claim their 'very good boy' is. NTA.

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As you can all see apparently OP is not an A-hole here. Everybody’s rules and home rules are different and we gotta respect them plus the reasoning OP was making was sound he had two felines in that home and a dog there would have been a serious problem for the cats there. Moreover, the dog is not a puppy he could be at home perfectly fine so there was no such reason to be mad at OP for not letting their dog inside the house. That man gotta understand OP’s situation too.

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