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40 Times Parents Taught Their Kids Lessons But It Didn’t Turn Out As Expected

Being a parent is like riding a roller coaster on a daily basis. When it comes to raising children, there are many ups and downs, whether it is teaching them how to ride a bicycle, teaching them the value of money, or simply taking them to the grocery store. There are times when our children act as teachers, and they teach us lessons that we hadn’t even realized we needed to learn since the day we were born. Sometimes, these lessons result in hilarious moments as well. It is possible that these kids don’t want to be taught crucial life lessons by their parents, even if they have the best intentions and excellent 200-IQ tactics. And sometimes, these lessons might backfire in such a spectacular way that they wind up causing thousands of people to laugh out loud.

Reddit user -Don-Draper’s- call for parents to describe the times their lessons went completely wrong resulted in the conversation that had us chuckling at the incredible sense of humor displayed by these people. What these stories demonstrate is how critical it is for parents and their children to interact and communicate well. Likewise, we came across a blog author Samantha Scroggin who told about how to communicate effectively with children. Samantha Scroggin works in government communications and is also the writer of the ‘Walking Outside in Slippers’ blog for parents.

Scroll down to read these hilarious stories shared by strangers:

1. That worked well!

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2. They taught right.

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3. This man is rewarded $2 for being a good daddy.

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Samantha from ‘Walking Outside in Slippers’ once stated: “Communication is an area I have a lot of experience in, working in government communications for a living. Even with that experience, communicating with my kids is a challenge!”

Because her children are so high-energy and intense, Samantha believes they require constant validation. That’s a situation to which many parents can relate. This implies that some children may require frequent feedback from their parents, while others may be more inclined to dismiss any life lessons being taught to them because they are constantly on the go.

4. A lesson every parent needs to teach their kid. Not to beg or whine!


5. At least they’re helping the animals out there.

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6. A Legit Genius!

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According to Samantha “Although kids constantly vying for our attention can be grating, I think it’s important we put down our phones sometimes, look them in the eyes and say, ‘Tell me all about that cardboard robot you made.’ Kids want our undivided attention on occasion, and to hear how proud of them we are,”

Taking a deep breath, unwinding, and being calm are all-important. The fact that we are the adults and have to put up a show like grownups even if our tiny munchkins can drive us mad at times. So we have to give up part of our well-earned free time in order to give our children the attention they require from us. All parents need to keep this in mind because your kid will become more open and receptive to the lessons you want them to teach or learn in the future.

7. That’s also correct!

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8. Ouch! That must have hurt. Anyways, this consent should be communicated to the parents as well.

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9. Why do kids have such a pure and innocent soul?


10. Smart Kid!

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11. A Perfect Definition Of Coal!

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12. Growing Out!

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13. Forcing to eat or finish something can be messy sometimes. Not a good idea!

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14. Disgusting and Smart!

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15. ADVICE For Parents: Unplug the cables!

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16. This kid is a future Entrepreneur!

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17. That was hilarious.

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18. Tough Kid!

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19. Neither Cheating Is Fair!

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20. Good Research!

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If you are a parent, you know that parenthood is one of the most important, critical, and difficult roles. When it comes to their responsibilities, parents must set some boundaries for themselves as well as for their children to follow. It’s difficult to teach the kids not to deceive their parents, but it’s critical for them to understand that their parents are their best friends and that nothing should be kept concealed from their eyes. Children may conceal mistakes or wrongdoings out of fear of being reprimanded or enraged by their parents. If kids behave in this manner, you are not providing proper parenting.

Parents make every effort to teach their children valuable lessons that will serve them well in the future, yet they fail to do so sometimes. Conversely, the situation might worsen to the point where even parents begin to question why they taught their children this behavior. Always remember to teach children healthy habits and to be humble and respectful. It doesn’t matter if your child does not bring home a trophy or does not receive perfect marks in every subject; what matters most is that his or her emotions and feelings are respected and supported.

If you are a parent, we believe that you are enjoying these stories and having a great time! Just keep scrolling down to find out some more entertaining stories that will make your day brighter and better.

21. This is so relatable.

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22. Ironic Coincidence!

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23. Smart Thinking.

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24. Exactly, Sleep deprivation is a real thing.

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25. Oops! It’s a double lesson.

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26. The Best One So Far!

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27. Some Critical Thinking.

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28. We all have done this once in our life.

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29. Hilarious Family Conversations!

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30. Don’t mess with a spider. Never Ever!

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31. Hi, Mr. Iannuccilli!

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32. Siblings are pure love!

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33. It isn’t always a good idea to warn your child not to do something.

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34. It’s a question that every kid wonders.

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35. Well, that went wrong.

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36. Terrible Parenting!

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37. Your-Crow-Wave!

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38. Veggies aren’t the devil.

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39. Sometimes kids are the best teachers.

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40. Parents shouldn’t teach their kids to be anti-social.

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We go through a period of time where we believe we’re doing the proper thing for our kids. Then something will happen to remind us that there is something new to consider and that perhaps we didn’t handle things in the exact manner we should have done so. No matter how many parenting books we read or educational films we watch online, there will undoubtedly be mistakes made along the way. In fact, that is exactly how tough it is to deal with a gazillion problems in the world of parenting.

What is the most important lesson your child has given you? Have you ever had a situation when your child reacted negatively after you gave them a lesson? If so, then we would love to hear your story in the comments section below.


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