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17 Pics That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Watching A Comedy Show From First Row

Pictures have this unique way of expressing thoughts and emotions, that words can sometimes fail to reciprocate. Humor at times, for example, can be difficult to articulate in a way that makes people laugh or cause a smile or two at the very least. However, bizarre moments captured at their heart can prove to be an effective solution to the problem. These pictures in their unique portrayal of jestful or joyous situations can always be trusted to break a smile or two in the poker faces of their viewers.


Here, we’ve compiled a collection of humorous pictures sure to bring a smile to your face and take the stress of your shoulders for some time. We hope you enjoy them and that they help make your day a little better today!

1. This lady mistook mittens for socks while her son was getting ready.

Via shedreamsofunicorns/Reddit

’’I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves.’’

2. This kid wanted to swim in a pool but couldn’t find any pool.

Via B4NGLES/Reddit

’My little sister was complaining about wanting to swim but having no pool. I found her in the backyard like this.’’

3. This dog couldn’t stop staring at this girl like this when her boyfriend left to go to the store.

Via SaltMineForeman/Reddit

’’My boyfriend went to a store. His dog stared at me like this the whole time. He didn’t move or blink for 4 minutes.’’

4. This persons caught her cat apparently attempting to fly.

Via lokidoki2727/Reddit

’’My Ring camera detected movement in my apartment.’’

5. This kid really ‘nose’ how to keep himself entertained.

Vis usmcavenger/Reddit

’’My kid is going places.’’

6. This person’s dog wasn’t very happy to meet Santa Claus.

Via  livid_vizard/Reddit

’’So, my dog met Santa Claus.’’

7. This 12-year old kid has a unique way of doing his homework.

Via Breezie1213/Reddit

’’This is my 12-year-old nephew doing his homework.’’

8. An unexpected visitor at the local gas station.

Via  brew1066/Reddit

’While waiting to get gas at my local gas station.’’

Science has developed a formula that can be used to determine the source and intensity of our response to a humorous situation. Some people believe that humor can be explained mathematically. Others believe that a humorous situation surpasses all rational thought and communicates directly with the soul. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree on one thing: it is absolutely essential in our daily life t o get along without a little bit of lightheartedness and humor.

Keep scrolling down for more hilarious images to make your day better and brighter!

9. He sleeps like he’s modelling for a fashion magazine.

Via  kma313/Reddit

’’My boyfriend’s sleeping position screams, ’’I’m fabulous’.’

10. These dogs can’t seem to grasp how their dog house works.

Via Carter_761/Reddit

’’My dogs don’t understand how to use their dog house.’’

11. This person found out their coworker can sleep with their eyes open.

Via Quickzor/Reddit

’’Today I found out that my co-worker sleeps with his eyes open.’’

12. This dog looks like he absolutely did not want to hear what he’s being told.

Via chrisbrolumbus/Reddit

’’I think my daughter just told my dog something he wasn’t prepared to hear.’’

13. This unexpected baby shower cake isn’t quite what the parents expected.

Via otfromtheoc/Reddit
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’’I ordered a baby shower cake and got this.’’

14. This young golden retriever looks like a roasted turkey.

Via  _heart_eyes_emoji_/Reddit

’My 8-week-old golden retriever looking like a roasted turkey.’’

15. This dog loves to sit and watch the football games like this.

Via danielface/Reddit

’’How my dog likes to sit at football games with my dad.’’

16. Look at this hotdog snack!

Via Havocfyw/Reddit

 ’’My son asked if he can make himself a hotdog for a snack after school. This is what he made.’’

17. This doggo claims this woman as his wife.

“My buddy went to the bathroom and his dog claimed his wife as his own.’’

What kind of humor makes you laugh? Do you prefer hilarious pictures over verbally spoken jokes? Let us know your favorite jokes and funny stories. We’d love to read all about them!


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