15 Tweets From Parents Who Are Done With Life

Parenthood can often get you right to the edge.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have successfully achieved a status in your career and have climbed up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid and are now ready to get married and have children. Everyone wants to have kids, they are a true blessing in disguise after all. But, everything is easier said than done. Making a baby isn’t as tough as working on its upbringing. Parenting is a very difficult task If you thought things will be as smooth as having a baby and then it automatically understood all the moral principles and the differences between right and wrong, I am sorry you have been living under a rock. The process of parenting is so difficult that often parents lose it at times. Think of it as an adventure, we all always wanted to have. The type of adventure may be different from your dream adventure but this one sure does get that adrenaline levels hit the max level. But, you just have to give it up for all the parents of the world who go through this process by showing character, patience, and strength to do what is in the best interest of their children. Something not everyone is capable of, you have to be in that very position to understand what it feels like and if you really have what it takes.

Today we are going to be looking at some Tweets. Tweets from some parents all around the world who felt the need to say that they are so done with the whole parenting process. And you do realize that we love to laugh at pain, I don’t know why but it is what it is here.

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1. For anyone who didn’t know what parenting does to the parents, here’s a little snapshot for you guys.

Source: Lhlodder

2. Well then don’t slap your name on your daughters then, women of the world. This is the dumbest tweet ever.

Just straight up dumb, not hilarious at all.


Source: isabelzawtun

3. That is just so unfortunate when your mistake is right there in front of you crying on top of its lungs and you can’t do anything about it but to work your ass off to figure out why is it crying.


Source: DadandBuried

4. I am sorry, friend. This is a trade-off that you must sacrifice either the joy of having a baby or sleeping peacefully.


Source: daddydoubts

5. Sorry mate, you should’ve read the terms and conditions before scrolling down all the way and ticking to press the “Continue” button.


Source: DocOctopussy

6. Who said you were supposed to have money and driving skills as a pre-requisite to be a demanding ass. It only takes vocal cords.


Source: byclintedwards

7. Been there, done that. Especially that chipping of the tooth thing in the jumping castle.


Source: ramblinma

From these tweets, parenting really does feel like a pain in the a$$. I mean, how bad should one thing have to be that you have to go on social media and just explode over there. The answer is, very bad. But, given how difficult parenting is, the only thing that gets these parents going is the bliss and the adorableness that it brings with itself. It is not always cries and horrors. The feeling of love overpowers it all and that is why you see parents going for the next child because the blissfullness is far beyond the terribleness and the little tough moments.

8. Okay, the realization just occurred to me, my father used to do that to us as kids.


Source: R_A_Dadass

9. They will never say it because the egos these days are too high.


Source: copymama

10.  A very sweet way of saying “You will never get that joy of what we call “sleep” again”.


Source: HomeWithPeanut

11. You think you will finally get in some sleep but who are you kidding?

Source: cydbeer

12. Everyone just wants to get out of the house just get some time away from the kids.


Source: Six_Pack_Mom

13. You can just feel the sadness in this parent’s Tweet.

Source: effinghandbook

14. You can’t take that money to the grave anyway so might as well give it a shot.


Source: Lhlodder

15. If you don’t do everything the way they ask you to do, you have to face the wrath of their loud cries.

Source: UnfilteredMama

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