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50 Funniest Parenting Memes That Will Give Every Parent The Much Needed Break From The Chaos

Family is an essential factor, it’s something which brightens your day up. You get to gather so many beautiful moments and make so many memories. However, being a parent isn’t an easy job, especially for the parents of children of present era. Children sure are angels, but only the evil ones, they can drive you crazy sometimes. You’ll hear an argument going on all the time between these little angels and their parents, no matter how old a child may turn it’s probably a regime to argue over the slightest things. The range and frequency of the arguments can vary from day to day topics, so if you hear a fight going on while you drive past a car of family, take it lightly no big deal.

Growing children, specially teens can drive you crazy with their countless takes of how strict you are or how other parents are so nice. You might be giving your hundred percent but still there isn’t anybody to applaud you for your efforts. Considering the tough job of parenting along with work and daily house chores, it’s normal for an adult to get drained at the end of the day. Every parent hereby has the right to rant sometimes. The ranting may include some course words which obviously can’t be said out loud in front of the children, as they are quick learners especially when it comes to adopting the ‘grown-up’ language. It’s their favorite thing.

Hereby, these poor biological caretakers found their way to social media where they virtually got to meet other struggling parents desperate for parental advice and space to complain freely. Once we stepped into this sea of parents tweeting and posting their mutual rants, we came across some absolutely hilarious posts too. If you’re a parent and you’re having a bad day, this blog is your safe haven.

Without further delay scroll it out to see you aren’t alone in this struggle and laugh your stress off!

1. After all, hips don’t ‘LIE’

via A Bearer Of Dad News

2. Teens these days are turning the tables

via sarabellab123

3. Gym is even more tiring than parenting

via womenbehavingbadly

4. Some real-life shit

via maryfairyboberry

5. Mosquitos have proven to be better than people

via vodkalana

6. Can’t get enough of Will Smith memes, can we?


7. Definitely not normal.

via ramblinma

8. The truth has been spoken!

via imightbefunny1

9. Not just children, parents can be innocent too

via emily_tweets

10. Done for the day

via kids_kubed

11. I only have sleep-in late spirits

via DonutHawk

12. Have kids, you’ll have fun they said

via samchalksalot

13. There once existed a parent logic, now it’s kid’s logic

via MumInBits

14. The extremer the better

via wittyotter

15. Calling 911


via Professional Worrier

16. Me to my kids: I surrender to you my master

via spicydisastermama

17. Auto-correct knows you too well

via DonutHawk

18. No it’s not the dust just the damn pollen

via KJ

19. Only with lots of crying, sibling fights, crockery breaking, and a few more harmless things

via henpecked_hal

20. Well let’s hope they don’t have the audacity of sitting hard on that diaper

via vodkaandstringcheese

21. Whose the daddy here?

via crockettforreal

22. Honey, they did it!

via classicdadmoves

23. Babe, why are you standing on the ceiling?

via dadscaped

24. Me to my boss at 7 this morning

via messagewithabottle

25. There’s plenty of air, your lungs aren’t taking it in

via raddad

Most of the parents can highly relate to these posts, the feelings stand mutual among all parents. The time when you realize that growing up actually sucks, and you can’t even do anything about it makes you bang the wall. This fact hits the hardest when you become a parent because handling those little mischievous hooligans of yours isn’t an easy job. The most appreciatable fact is that these parents are so fine in explaining their pain in humor, that’s surely an art!

Keep gliding to enjoy some more of the funniest parenting memes, you might come across!

26. I’d be sick all the time if it’s for donuts

via 3 Wild Rainbows

27. Hot mommies wear super soft clothes and use even softer towels

via whineandcheezits

28. The guy who took the order must have been mistaken

via Mom Meh Dearest

29. Let me rest in peace

via momof1anddone

30. Fooling Forties

via itsdeenalang

31. She definitely gets her stuff done before the time

32. Like dad, Like son

via dadandburied

33. No more argument about whose going to go for the game, you or the husband dearest

via ksujulie

34. Do you believe in magic?

via Daddy Go Fish

35. Learning it the hard way

via Terri Fry

36. Skipping on all the plans to take my children to the pool, basically.

via SpacedMom

37. Makes lots of sense

via dadsaysjokes

38. 5 minutes later *where did I put my spatula*

via sixfootcandy

39. He already knows what it feels like to be a grown-up

via Kevin The Dad

40. When mom’s not cooking

via reallifemommy3

41. Just when I reach my bed, a voice haunts me: mommy, I can’t sleep

via kidversations_

42. Not too old and not that young either

via Katie D

43. The kid has his priorities sorted

via mom mom mom mom mom

44. Have a moment to yourself, girl!

via One Awkward Mom

45. You’re the trend-setter

via fullofmomsense

46. May the odds be in your favor

via sarcastic_mommy

47. Guilty pleasure

via  Lara

48. He thinks it’s some kind of rhyme

via Mediocre Mom

49. Poor kid knows growing up isn’t fun anymore

via NicholasG

50. Every other wife to her husband;

Hats off to all the parents and our parents too for dealing with the silliest things a child does in its childhood years. Jokes apart, the family sure is God’s greatest gift. Being a parent has its own charm just with some bitter-sweet moments. Life would be incomplete without having these angelic devils around us is what all parents have deeply mounted in their hearts. On the lighter side, every parent deserves to rant after he/she is done running all the errands and have put their brats to bed.

If you’re a parent and you feel like letting your heart out, this is your moment. Go on and tell us more about parenting and the circumstances that come with it!


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