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15 Pawsome Cat Memes That Will Give You Your Daily Dose Of Dopamine

Cats are great for mental health.

I know you may feel like I am just making this up but I am not. You see, it has been scientifically proven that keeping a cat can help you with your mental health. Because that is directly related to the happy chemicals known as serotonin and dopamine that get released because of cats. I know I have generally become a much happier person since I got a hat. And I am well aware that people love to call cats selfish but those people expect cats to act exactly like dogs.

In reality, cats are a whole different species and this means that they show their love in a different way than we expect. They are actually quite a lot more empathetic than we give them credit for. They are all-around gorgeous creatures and anyone would be lucky to have a cat. So if you can’t keep a cat for whatever reason and still adore them, we have just the remedy for you. The following images have been carefully curated to put a smile on your face.

So if you are ready to enjoy some adorable kitties being relatable, just scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy.

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#1 Are we sure that this isn’t a stuffed baby Yoda toy?

#2 I relate with the Grandpa in this case.


I am sure we all know the feeling of being lonely, especially with the pandemic. So this was the exact reason I ended up getting a cat in the first place.

#3 My cat used to do the same thing when I made this noise.


But he is way too smart for this now and just ignores me now.

#4 To be fair, you shouldn’t give a haircut at home.


Unless you really want your kitty to look choppy.

#5 Cats don’t play by the rules and we all know this.


#6 I am pretty sure he stole it from someone’s mouth.


Atleast, he loves you.

#7 That is the look of betrayal.


#8 That is certainly an exciting time for him!


#9 Is it bad that I really want to try this with my cat as well?


Just put a little bit of red and black, it will be perfect. jokes aside please do not do this. Just bring your cat to a vet.

#10 What gave it away?


They might be planning on how to take over the world and they are being disturbed.

#11 This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cat scared.

Usually, it is the cat doing all the stealing.

#12 Cats do deserve the best in life.


#13 I would love to squish this potato.

#14 Okay, this is just lovely to see.


#15 I wouldn’t want to watch Silent Hill all alone.

#16 This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.


My cat does something similar and it melts my heart.

#17 The kitty is just experimenting with fashion.

#18 Is that a Panda or a stuffed toy?


#19 I looked at this for way longer than just one minute.

Some extra cat tax just for you!


This is Tina and I think my heart is melting while I look into her eyes. Isn’t she just beautiful? I would love to cuddle with her as she will definitely feel like a fluffy cloud.

What are your thoughts on these images? Did you find any of these relatable? Or were you sad that there weren’t enough pictures? If so, you don’t have to worry because you can always peruse our website to find hundreds of other articles similar to this. So don’t forget to comment below and let us know the weirdest thing your cat does while also sharing this article with your friends so they can enjoy some kitty love as well.


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