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16 People Who Said “I Didn’t Want a Dog” But Then Became A Dog Person

Most people get elated with the idea of adopting a dog. It fills them with enthusiasm and excitement. They are eager to make a cute dog part of their family. While it is almost natural to assume that everyone adores and wants dogs, it should not be forgotten that some people do not like dogs or are very fond of the idea of having a pet dog at their house. They would rather spend time with themselves than fathom the idea of feeding and catering to the needs of dogs. Though, many of these do not know themselves that they may secretly love to be around a dog.


How many times have you heard someone say that their dad did not approve of the dog first, but later became inseparable with the dog? That is always what happens. People do not realize how undeniably adorable and cute puppies and even big dogs are. They think they would not be able to stand to be in the presence of a dog daily but later when they find out the dog is a keeper, they would be the first people to get up in the morning to take the dog on its morning walk. We have all seen it!

Below are such crazy examples of people who initially were not thrilled with the idea of adopting a dog but later became literal best friends with it.

1. My husband didn’t want a dog at first. After I got the dog – My husband be like:

Via  Paula Smith via Facebook

Just looking at the happiness on the husband’s face is filling us with absolute joy! This picture is completely the opposite of what the husband said earlier. The dog does not seem aggressive and just looks at how adorably he is resting his chin on this guy’s head. Pitbulls are mistaken to be aggressive animals because of their involvement and usual alliance with the police. But they are actually the most loving creatures ever. And the guy was clearly proven wrong.

2. Small dogs are not for men. After getting a small dog:

Via IReykisha Stewart via Facebook

This is so cute! Just look at how the guy is posing with the dog and taking a selfie, and he actually looks happy while at it. We love it when men embrace different aspects of their manly demeanour. One can be manly and loving. One can be manly and affectionate. One can be manly and have a cute little dog!

3. This guy is living in heaven!

Via  Emily Janine via Facebook

This just took this challenger to another level! To grow fonder to one dog makes sense. But if the guy takes it to a whole other level by adopting half a dozen cute doggies? That is some level of dog love he got there. He truly has become a dog-lover. Or this may be going overboard with it. Whatever it is, we cannot believe our eyes. This is truly dog heaven. Want to cuddle them all!

4. My husband didn’t agree to get another dog. Also my husband:

Via  Haley Marie via Facebook

Corgi found a companion but so did this girl’s fiance! Just look they have cuddled together and are sleeping on the couch in such a cute way. This is bringing tears to our eyes. A sight for sour eyes. The little puppy is sleeping on the man’s chest as if it’s his father. What a cute match!

5. Not letting go off this dog.

“Seven years ago we woke one day to this pup on our porch. My husband said ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT! No more mouths to feed.’ So we girls did what any good dog-loving woman would do and secretly fed him.
A few days later after this pup’s pitiful eyes had worked on him some he told me ‘Dam**it, go let him in.’ I told him ‘Nope, I won’t be blamed for this. If you want him in YOU go get him.’ He did. They have been inseparable since. Here’s Johnny (daddy) and Rufus (his boy.) The first pic is from before we let him in. The second is on Sunday.
We eventually found out that our neighbour put him there. He brought the pup home and his wife threw a fit and told him to get rid of the dog. He knew we had rescued several dogs so he put him on our porch and told him to stay. Rufus must have understood him because he didn’t budge, lol. #ididntwantadogchallenge

Via  Deborah McDonald via Facebook

Little pups just know how to convince someone to adopt them with their teary eyes. No one can let a dog go with that look in the eyes. And Rufus is totally enjoying it too. Just look at how he has hugged the dog in the picture.

6. “Mom & Dad didn’t want another dog after Sophie passed away. Flash forward 8 years later:

Via  Caitlin Gray via Facebook

Dads are just the absolute cutest when it comes to taking care of the cat. They would just cuddle them together and hug them first when they come home. They would call them cute names and have a proper conversation with the dog not realising how adorable the whole scene looks. They initially do not show any interest at first but in the end, become most invested in the pets.

7. “I did NOT want another dog.”

Just months before, we had lost our bully AND found out that another of our dogs has osteoarthritis. We were also dealing with our son, who was having mental health issues. I didn’t want any more on my plate, but this was my husband’s dream dog and I finally agreed to go meet the puppies & parents, although I was acting as stubborn as I could. When we got there, I sat down and the father was let out the door. He walked right by his owner and my husband, plopped himself on my lap, and covered me with kisses. My husband had really wanted a black Corso, but this little guy…… All of the puppies were eating when we arrived and when they were all done, Enzo came trotting on over to me and snuggle right up on my lap. That was when I said, ‘Ok, if this is it- he’s the one!’ and although he’s more my husband’s dog- he’s become my guy, too.
His personality sometimes reminds us of our bully, he’s always got his nose right where our food is, and he now hugs, too I couldn’t help but fall in love! #didntwantadogchallenge”/

Via  Sara Norman via Facebook

This is such a sweet story and it is so heartwarming to know that this person found a way to heal by adopting another dog. Ah, look at the dog sleeping on the car seat so peacefully. He was so small and grew up to be such a big boy. What a glow up! I am sure if we were in her position, we would not be able to leave this cute pup either!

8. My mom didn’t want me to get a dog but once I did, now they are inseprable!

Via  Kaitlyn Massett via Facebook

Oh my God, it could not get any cuter! They really do look inseparable. They are so comfy together. The dog looks so happy too along with the mother. It looks they both found their best friends and are living the best life together. And yes, we are not sure he loves you most too, ma’am. It seems like he is more smitten to your mom.

9. “He said if I brought another animal home he was gonna leave me.”

Via  Deanna Penney via Facebook

It does not look like he is leaving to us! Instead, it appears that he is enjoying it to its fullest. Just look at both their faces. The guy is resting his comfortably on the doggo and the dog is just squished in there on his own will. They are meant to be together.

10. Took some convincing.

“After a year and a half of showing him and begging him to just go look at dogs that came up for adoption through different rescue groups, Priya’s story was posted. It involved a very sad case of abuse and a bloody and scarred face, mange, collar embedded in the skin, but still maintained a happy and forgiving personality. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and kept bringing her up to my husband. He finally agreed to just go meet her, we were not even there 30 seconds and told the lady we would take her. As I found out later he also told her If there were any other dogs who needed a home who she thought would make a good pal for Priya let us know. Within a month we had a phone call about Stella a very affectionate gal who had been abandoned in the south and overlooked in the shelter up here for six months. Now we have two dogs and I consistently rank third in the family. #ididntwantadogchallenge”

Via  Katie Stenstrom via Facebook

They literally look like his kids! They both are sleeping in the guy’s lap so happily, it is as if they are in heaven.

11. Husband wanted me to return this pup at first.

“Ollie was severely fearful of everyone and everything when we got him. Even the shelter adoption manager said, ‘really?’ when I told him we wanted to adopt Ollie. Within 2 days of having him, my husband said he didn’t know what I saw in him and thought we should return him. Seven years later, and he is my hubby’s best boy. He follows him everywhere and MUST be laying on my hubby at night. We both wake up in the middle of the night to ensure he and his sister are covered with blankies. They are our babies and can’t imagine life without them. ♥️ #ididntwantadogchallenge”

Via  Jenn Thomas-Murphy via Facebook

His favourite place to rest is behind his back with his chin on the hubby’s neck!

12. My Ex Boyfriend didn’t want a dog. I got it anyway and here’s me, chilling with my dog. Boyfriend’s gone, dog’s here to stay!

Via  Ali Limon via Facebook

I want to sleep on your shoulder, mommy!

13. Husband hated the idea of me getting a pup. Also my husband after getting a dog:

Via  Leslie Ward via Facebook

Oh yeah, he is holding the dog and he holding it right! They look like snuggle buddies. I cannot take in the overload of cuteness in this picture. The doggo looks like it belongs in those arms and there is no other place he would rather sleep in.

14. “I don’t have a dog, my husband does. They don’t even care about me anymore”

Via  Rachel Turtz Tuff via Facebook

This story just filled us with giggles. Why do boyfriends pretend they do not like dogs when they really are their biggest fans in secret ever!

15. They are now “his puppies” after denying the idea initially.

“I had been looking for months to bring a puppy into our family. We have an 11-year-old lab hound rescue that is ageing and I thought it would be good to bring a puppy into our family. My husband was dead set against it.
After months of hounding him, I finally found a rescue puppy, also was fostering her brother. My husband fell in love with her brother. So we were foster fails for 2 days. They are now “his puppies”. Incredible how this works out, they are great additions to our family. #trixierocky #ididntwantadogchallenge.

Via  Meg O’Brien Anderson via Facebook

Another dose of cuteness! This picture is a whole mood. The dog behind is just resting his chin on the guy’s butt. The doggo in front is staring at something along with the husband. Sunlight is just all over the place and we cannot help but notice the intimacy between them.

16. “18 hours of drive for getting a small dog? Noway!”

Also my husband:

Via  Brittany Esposito via Facebook

That smile is one in a million. He looks so full of happiness.

These stories are so cute and the pictures just completed the whole story. We really needed the visuals to see bits of the love that these humans share with their beloved pets. I can vouch for this that certain people show absolute refusal at bringing pets home, but once they come in contact with these pets, they love them more than any other being in the house. I am sure most of us can relate that our dads did not first agree to the idea of having a dog or a cat lover, but once they came, our dads fell in love with them. And that is what makes it even cuter.

Do you have any such stories? Participate in the challenge and let us know your story of adopting your pet!


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