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25 Dumbest Pro Tips That Will Really Jack Up Your Life

Dumbest life hacks ever.

One would never decline a shortcut that saves them time and gets their work done rather quickly and easily. These swift techniques or shortcuts are widely referred to as ‘life hacks’ or in some cases, ‘pro tips’. These tips are shared by generous human beings on the internet with the rest of the world to make sure if anyone needs help with something that is very boring or taking a lot of time, that all gets done super quickly and causes no boredom ever again.


Here’s a life hack that has surfaced on the internet for quite a while now. If your charging cord keeps breaking off from the end where there is the port, take a ball pen and take the spring out of it and put that spring around the end of your charging port. You, ladies and gentlemen, now have an unbreakable charger, and all that money you just saved can easily buy you some food.

But, humans being humans, always want to squeeze a kick out of everything. Be it any type of conversation, these internet sensations have the ability to turn it upside down and make it funny. The same is the case with all these people sharing the dumbest pro tips in such a serious and believable way. And that is what makes them 10 times more hilarious.

Today we’ve got the 25 most dumb pro tips that will make your life super easy and worthwhile. Yes, I did cross my fingers before saying that. Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Via KillerSnatch

2. We back you on that one Mr. Dallas One&Done Boys


Via Pandora_sus

3. Hah! Got em’


Via Bmchris44

4. Genuises always know their way around obstacles.


Via bassaleh

5. My brain is numb.


Via tbmembesut

6. Another hack added to the evergrowing list of evil life hacks.


Via bitchyfuxkjngbltch34

7. That is very smart and very dumb at the same time.


Via SilverResearch

8. Master! Teach me.


Via en16m4pro9

9. And also got business class tickets to hell!


Via Bmchris44

10. Hope is still alive.


Via waveytype

11. According to what you have said, shouldn’t I be ignoring this pro tip as well?

Via Criffton

12. Should add that to the constitution.


Via Dense_Access

13. Wasn’t expecting that twist.

Advertisement by UDM

Via red_earaches

Honestly, I have never absorbed this much dumbness in a single sitting ever in my life. What about you guys? It will take a little while to digest given the fact that these people actually believe in all these hacks that they just shared with us. And if all of this was just to get a mic out of everything, well then it all will be slightly easier to digest.

We still have a lot more to go so make sure those seatbelts remain fastened.

14. Can’t buy the car, just buy the logo. Problems.


Via T3canolis

15. What if the name is ‘Ed’?

Via whocaresbilly

16. “Life hack!” More like ‘Jail time!’


Via dezzah2

17. Key to success in just 22 words.

Via Pandora_sus

18. An unexpected jackpot.


Via hoangleMfthrt4567

19. What concerns me is that an actual police department has put this signboard up. Hopes are dropping into the negative quadrant of the graph right now.

Via pkkballer22

20. Mr. S Andrews is an absolute genius.


Via Stotallytob3r

21. Microwave, Burn. Repeat.

Via Shark-Lover27

22. Life hacks 101.


Via en16m4pro9

23. This kid is loyal.

Via beerbellybegone

24. Oh my god! Why did no one think of this before?

Via LennaRomeo

25. Thanks but I’d pass.

Via wookie7904

Congratulations! You have successfully made it to the end. Yes, that last image was purposefully put in there to gross all of you out. It grossed me out and I am a huge believer in ‘sharing is caring so I made sure we all enjoyed that not so enjoyable sausage lips together.

Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t worry, here’s a life hack for all those whose brains are dehydrated right now, after viewing this post. Have a nice warm cup of tea and take a nap. Tadaa! Oh, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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