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24 Smart Parents Who Have No Problem With Parenting

Parenthood is truly a huge challenge and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Whether that’s waking up in the middle of the night to your crying toddler, or wrestling that spoon of baby food into their mouth just for them to spit it out on the floor for you to clean up, it’s definitely an uphill battle every step of the way. Your reward? The smile of your adorable little baby which will just melt your heart every time!


Anyways, if you have been struggling a lot with it, we have come up with a perfect solution for you! We’ve compiled 24 pictures proving that there ARE shortcuts to perfect parenting, which will make your life easier! Take a few tips from these smart parents who have unlocked some priceless hacks that are endearing at the same time! Let’s start scrolling!

1. She’s definitely the cool mom…

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2. She is winning at life!

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Anything for those precious extra hours of sleep

3. Parents need entertainment too!

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4. Playtime at home

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5. Lifehack!

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Cut that workload in half!

6. Mom deserves a break too

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7. At least this father believes in equality!

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8. That’s a bit morbid

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These kids think they can cause the apocalypse!

9. As long as they stay in the cage

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10. They don’t REALLY need to know…

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11. Discipline in the modern world

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Damn… that’s evil!

12. Wait a minute… what the hell is that!?

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These parents have some genius tricks up their sleeves and we are all here for it! We’re sure some of you are being inspired, and, not going to lie, so are we! Whether it’s to get your kids off your back or inculcate some healthy habits, this level of innovation is on another level. It just keeps getting better!

13. That’s just cruel…

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14. Keep ’em distracted

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15. Constant disappointment

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Just wait for them to find out the truth

16. Safety first!

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17. Efficiency at its finest

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18. Kids will believe anything

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The weekend is the prize

19. Well-deserved punishment

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20. The new baby carrier 5000

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21. Doing it for their health OBVS

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A truly selfless act…

22. The best way to make them eat their greens!


23. Making bath time fun


It fits perfectly too!

24. Actions have consequences…

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As we have reached the end of the post, some of these probably made you laugh really hard, while others may be a little… too extreme. Whatever the case, these parents are living in the future and have used their intelligence to whip up some interesting new parenting hacks! Let us know in the comments which hack was your favourite!


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