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19 Hilarious Kids Whose Parents Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Kids view the world through a very different lens. Everything is an adventure waiting to happen, and defying norms is the only way they can truly explore. Parents have a tough time controlling their children, probably every 5 minutes of the day. If they let their guard down for a few minutes, they can be sure to walk into something even more ridiculous than their wildest imaginations.


You won’t know whether to laugh or cry at these crazy, exasperating, and hilarious posts that we’ve put together to show you that kids can REALLY be a piece of work! If you’re a parent yourself, we’re sure you can relate and have your own wild stories to share, which we’d love to hear in the comments section. Happy scrolling!

1. Just millennial things…

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2. When you can’t drink your juice fast enough

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3. Slumber party

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He’s not happy about his party being crashed.

4. A true princess

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5. No one knows how this is even possible…

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6. Neglecting his real dog for the fake one

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That doggo looks so sad…

7. We get it why he may have been confused

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8. He really didn’t know what to do

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9. Too late to fix it now

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These kids are really giving their parents a tough time! I’m sure the parents themselves don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Even though the situation may seem ridiculous, they made sure to document their children’s strange behavior. Whatever the case, these kids are definitely out to make their own life rules. Exploring thing through their own lens, they’re sure to let their imagination run free and not care at all about the consequences!

10. Nap time is all the time

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11. Wriggling his way out of a bad situation

via © mjonesbulldog / imgur

He seems like he can get out of this one

12. He’s not wrong

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13. She’s winning at life

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14. Absolutely fabulous

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Love her fashion sense!

15. There’s definitely a resemblance

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16. Looks comfy to me


17. The Lego shaped marks on his face after this though…

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That’s got to hurt!

18. A+ for creativity

via © 11BINF / reddit

19. How did that even happen?

via © thegreatbarcia / reddit

These kids can truly get away with even murder because of how cute they are! We’re sure they’ve wrapped their parents around their little fingers and have the freedom to do whatever they think is right! If you can relate to any of these pictures, let us know in the comments below! If you’re a parent yourself, we’re sure you have some stories of your own to share and we’re looking forward to hearing them!


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