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Hilarious Posts From Old People That Made Social Media Fun

It appears that Generation Z was born with their own social media accounts and smartphones in their tiny hands. Things have been a little more challenging for the boomers and postwar generations. While some geriatrics overtly reject modernity in favor of tradition, there are grandparents and old people who embrace it as a means of staying in touch with their loved ones and moaning about, well, everything. Especially on social media. While people are allowed to use social media in any way they see fit, it is common for them to be confused by how it works.

It’s rather easy to find old-timer posts on Facebook, but if you want to enjoy them all in one spot, we recommend r/r/oldpeoplefacebook. It’s a treasure trove of baby boomer gaffes, healthy caps-lock usage, and strange hospital admissions. We’ve gathered some treasures, but there are many more where they came from. Fortunately, none of them are overly political.

So what are you waiting for keep on scrolling down below and see these hilarious posts and make sure you watch it till the end.

1. Wondering if Milly is high

Light - Milly EEN Houseplants 6 hrs · O HI EVERYBODY MY NAME IS MILLY..I USE CAPLOCKS SO I CAN SEE WHAT I WRITE..IM NOT YELLING..MY LEFT EYE IS BAD..SO.JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW 397 136 comments 3 shares Like Comment Share Tracey HIII MILLY WELCOME ! Write a comment...

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2. The debat

Sky - Rudy W. Giuliani @RudyGiuliani The debat. 7:16 AM - Oct 1, 2020 from Manhattan, NY · Twitter for iPad 508 Retweets 316 Quote Tweets 1.3K Likes


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3. Do you know how it can be deleted?

Gesture - wutes age Like Reply DON'T CARE GIPHY Write a comment. Y'all how can mom delete this comment? Someone's husband died and for some reason it commented this from her


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4. What are we supposed to do now?

Outerwear - May 12 at 5:09 PM !!!!! WHAT SHOULD WE DO!!! WATERFORD WHISPERS NEWS Catholic Church Introduces Waria, The Evil Counterpart To Mary Like Comment


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5. This is genuinely hilarious, what do you think?

Product - Mary 1h e I would very much like to become a member of this page 7 2 comments Like Comment Sharelle You have been a member since 29 January 2018 and added by Maria 9 Like Reply - 1h Mary -Sharelle oh ok thank you 1 Like Reply - 1h


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6. I don’t like basketball plus I would like it to be removed

Light - TKE Oklahoma City Thunder O Sunday at 10:18 AM O Thunder Takes on Wizards in Sunday Matinee. (11:30am on FOX Sports Oklahoma) . See More YOKU ENABLE MIDFIRST BANK de MIDSTREAM PARTNERS devon MID SO BAN CHESAP ENABLE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS MIDFU BANK LE OK NG CHRIS PAUL LIVI EGE DU 108 22 Comments 5 Shares 4.2K Views O Like Comment A Share I am an 84 year old female from Wi, do not like basketball plus know nothing about Oklahoma thunder. Have no idea how this is on my site. Would like it rem


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7. Haha, every mother be like

Smile - live PEOPLE.COM Sia Reveals She's a Grandmother After Her Son 'Had 2 Babies': 'They Call Me Nana' O Like Comment Share 00S 28 1 share Most Relevant v Glad he can have babies. My sons cant 12h Like Reply OJEC

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8. No interest shown in watching trolls

Font - Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2020 Verified Purchase I am a 56 yr old former Law Enforcement Professional who has no interest in watching Trolls


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9. These comments are hilarious bring more

White - i FOX61.COM He was born on Valentine's Day. So was she. So naturally, they got married on Feb. 14 ny nus... View 1 more reply... Bette My father in law was born on Valentines Day , one year I made meatloaf in a heart shaped pan for him. 9h Like Reply 9 00S


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Aren’t these posts quite hilarious? It’s quite fun to see old people using platforms like Facebook to be in touch with their loved ones. Keep on scrolling down below we have collected a couple of more of these just for you,


10. I am trying to hire somebody to Walmart, this one’s making me laugh hard.

Rectangle - asked a question in Pay It Forward Pierre. 16m · O Can I hire somebody to Walmart? 4 Answers O Like Answer A Share All Comments v Have you tried Walmart pick up ? It's wonderful. 11m Like Reply :I'm trying hire somebody to Walmart 10m Like Reply to go to Walmart ? 10m Like Reply I am trying to hire somebody to Walmart 9m Like Reply


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11. Old people and their obsession of playing candy crush

Font - 7:56 Peggy Contact Staff 3 hrs · Is candy crush saga not working? Like לT Comment A Share 9. Johan I believe you contacted the wrong staff 2h Like Reply 18 Joy Hi Peggy! This is a page for people who practice a circus art that's called "contact staff". Unfortunately not one where Candy Crush Saga's staff can help you out. That being said- you can always try forcing a restart of the app on your phone or deleting and then redownloading it. Message me privately if you'd like some help on how

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12. Congratulations

Product - 1d . I just threw up! Show off your avatar in a new post. Try It 3 Comments O Like Share Comment


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13. Do you think anything needed to be added?

Font - SHOUTOUT TO EVERYONE WHO GOT THROUGH THE DAY WITHOUT TAKING A NAP. PULLED AN ALL-DAYER TODAY. PRETTY TOUGH. 628 58 Comments 411 Shares O Like Comment A Share John Anything more need to be added to the pork?

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14. I am confused why these laughing emojis?

Smile - Margaret has been admitted to the ward for chronic back pain 70


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It can be quite funny when old people or grandparents start using the platforms like Facebook. We all can relate that we somehow made our grandparents familiar with the internet and the results here are quite hilarious. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share any humorous posts from old people that you might know. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content. Thank You!.


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