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15 People Who Recreated The Old Photos So Brilliantly That It Will Take You To Your Childhood

Nothing better than reminiscing the old childhood memories.

Childhood memories are sweet and they always bring us joy whenever we think about them. We want to go back to the time and relive all those memories but it is not possible. What if we tell you, it is possible now and you can actually relive all those memories? You can do this by recreating the old photos and a lot of people are doing it. A lot of people have been sharing the recreated photos on the internet and they are trying to go as close as they can go. Well, it is such a fun activity to do. You relish the old memories and make new ones while recreating those photos. Today, we have 15 recreated photos that will take you to your childhood. So, scroll down and have fun!


1. “My dog turned 16 today.”

© JanitorOfSanDiego / Reddit

When you have a dog and want to recreate a photo with him on his birthday.

2. “We had to put my dog of 16 years down yesterday, but before we did we recreated our favourite photo with him”


© Unknown / Imgur

The 16-year-old doggo has left sweet memories for his loved ones. Rest in peace, good boi!

3. 22 years later, they decided to recreate it:

© technocraft / Reddit

4. When you love curly hair as a baby and years after end up growing curly hair:


© smilingsun / Reddit

She has grown beautiful curls.

5. “22 years difference. We were visiting our old hometown and noticed these poles were still in front of our childhood home. The tree grew up good too”


© echoenovy / Reddit

There are sweet memories in the old hometown that you can never forget but recreate.

6. “Picture of me and my grandfather 40 years apart on the Great Wall of China”


© xdylkay / Reddit

When you love your grandpa and try to recreate his photos.

7. “Saw some childhood friends of mine at a New Year’s party. We all look different now, but we really haven’t changed much.”


© mikecdrums / Reddit

Some habits never change and it’s good to see old friends after a long time. Who would miss the chance of recreating the old childhood photo? All of these photos are recreated nicely and we are amazed to see how people have changed over time. Only a recreated photo can show us the difference. Old childhood photos were so real, emotions and expressions were so real. Now, the trend of taking pictures has changed. Now, we fake a smile, laughter, and a pose. Now we are more concerned about our looks than making memories and capturing the memories.

8. Recreating memories with your cousins is the best thing ever:


9. “My mother’s day photo re-creation. My daughter is 15 years old.”


© QRLOEI / Reddit

This one is the sweetest. Also, mothers are the best.

10. Recreating a childhood memory with the family:


© velligoose / Reddit

11. “My Grandma and Dad 1966 and 2020.”

© Jamescovey / Reddit

Grandma has started to look like him.

12. When siblings recreate a childhood photo:


© sparta6 / Imgur

13. “My dad (1985ish?) and I (NYE2017)”

Advertisement by UDM

© that1guysittingthere / Reddit

You and your dad look exactly the same.

14. “My husband in the early 90s vs now”


© queefunder / Reddit

The hair got thinner and he grew some beard.

15. “Jean jackets in 1993 were a strong look!! Second photo circa 2013 Tent Rock, NM.”

© bobby_schmalls / Reddit

We are loving these recreated photos. Comment down to let us know which of these recreated photos did you like the most? If you have ever recreated any photos with friends, family or cousins, share them in the comments section down below!


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