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Tenants Get Satisfying Revenge On Landlord Trying To Unfairly Evict Them

We all know that there is no greater headache (if you’re a renter) in many regions of the world than participating in the rental market. Landlords are notoriously deceptive, and there are far too many out there who want nothing more than to defraud those who provide them with a source of passive income. Nonetheless, millions of people have little choice but to rent if they want to have a place to call home. It can feel like those who own our homes have us over a barrel all of the time, which is why hearing stories of people achieving justifiable retribution is so satisfying.

This was the case with u/cousin, EpicWinterWolf’s who took matters into her own hands after learning that her landlord was planning to evict nearly everyone in her building on fraudulent grounds in order to renovate and raise the rent. She and many of her neighbors were granted permission to repaint before their eviction notices were given, in a clear example of malicious compliance. They didn’t say how they planned to redecorate, though. want to hear the story of malicious compliance and revenge? Scroll down below and have a good time.

1. When one of the tenants uncovered papers at the landlord’s house, they realized something was wrong.

Font - r/MaliciousCompliance u/EpicWinterWolf • 11h 7 2 2 2 Let us paint the walls however we like while secretly trying to evict us? Okay! Not mine but my cousin's story she recently shared with me. Bit of a long one. On mobile Background: my cousin, her wife, and their two kids lived in a rented apartment along with five other resident units in a European country. It's not completely upscale but it's definitely not slum, and it's a really beautiful place. And by lived, their "landlord" decided

2. When all the tenants got to know that the scum lord was plotting against them to get them evicted, they got an idea of how to teach him a lesson by maliciously complying ti his “paint the houses” order

Font - According to my cousin, who lived in apartment 3, they kept finding bags of garbage outside their door. Not theirs, but ones full of fast food take-out and very.. unsettling magazines. My cousin is vegetarian. She and her wife try not to eat take out. It's definitely not their garbage. But back to the story: basically, my cousin, her wife, and the other residents came together in their courtyard and realized that their landlord was faking these sorts of things to get them all evicted... w

When one of the tenants uncovered papers at the landlord’s house, they realized something was wrong.

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3. Interestingly, they took advantage of their free pass to go all out with their redecorating.

Font - Ali suggested that they all get permission to repaint their places, but in HORRENDOUS ways. Then move out quickly. Everyone except the older couple jumped on board, which as my cousin explained to me, they didn't want to start a fight in a losing battle. The older couple later managed to move into a retirement community that one of the families found for them to go to. Anyways. The rest of the residents agreed to it, and Scum Lord was sent email requests for repaints. And he basically sai

4. They painted the whole house a disaster. They put layers of black paint and made amorphous patterns on the walls and moved out of the house later 

Font - So, while juggling their normal lives, my cousin's family and the other four units all have to find new places, start packing, set up everything for the painting and repaint their walls. My cousin decided to be extra vindictive, and buys a shit ton of black paint, along with varying neon colours. She and Ali then painted on as many layers of black paint that they could (after using primer of course), in every. Single. Room. Even the bathrooms and ceilings weren't spared! They finished in

The tenants showed their creative skills when it came to painting the house. This was a hilarious and a savage move.

Via EpicWinterWolf

5. As brought into the court by the scum lord, all tenants provided evidence of his fake allegations. The court there away the scum lord’s case and ordered him to pay restitution damage  

Font - Cousin and Ali obliged. Court day comes and Scum Lord actually had a lawyer, and was suing all five of the former resident families at once. He claimed a whole bunch of crap, including all the reasons for the evictions... Maintenance guy destroyed him. Provided proof about the fake eviction evidence (ex. apparently some of the garbage included receipts from Scum Lord's own purchases, that damage to the sink in apartment 6 was actually from Scum Lord trying to fix it, etc). Then, they all

6. Here’s the edit 

Font - Edit: formatting Edit 2: to clarify, former tenants want NOTHING to do with the old apartment anymore. And as for repainting.. I wasn't kidding when I said a shit ton of paint was bought and used. According to cousin, they painted in so many layers that every wall had over an INCH in thickness. And the ceiling was in centimetres. So imagine trying to clean up all THAT. And Lord knows how much paint was applied in the other units!

7. Redditors were ecstatic that the plan had gone off without a hitch.

Font - The-Original_Pancake 10h I'm a painter by trade. Roll out walls every day pretty much. When I saw black..holy shit I got the heavy breathing. When I saw CEILING?? Yea your cousin is a fucking sadist and I love her 6 Reply 4 Vote EpicWinterWolf OP 10h Thanks! Oh yeah she and Ali were PISSED. I think they might've saw another story online of scorned tenants using black paint so... I mean I recall a story about a guy painting every wall black and then using glow-in-the-dark paint to paint de

8. We all would want to watch it through photos 

Font - simpleredstar 9h As soon as I saw "paint" in the title I KNEW black was coming and was not disappointed. Good on your cousin OP! I hope they took pics, I gotta say the activity sounds incredibly fun!

9. The most hilarious comments on the story are here

Rectangle - CoderJoe1 10h Ha! Scum lord painted himself into a corner. G Reply Vote + robotcrackle 9h He really couldn't brush it off. Vote 3 Alexis_J_M 8h Color me surprised. Vote theevilatheist 8h I bet he nearly had a stroke Vote 3 revchewie 5h He's a stain on humanity.

10. Glitter can be a fun thing to play with 

Organism - kittyprOnz 9h personally, I wouldn't mind a goth/Lisa Frank house with glitter paint. G Reply Vote e wildassedguess 4h Glitter- that's a nice refinement. By nice, I mean awful. I salute you.

11. People are coming with incredibly deadly ideas 

Font - Deikov 9h If only they had used oil based paint for this! G Reply Vote Dear_Analysis_5116 8h I have another suggestion: Epoxy. 1 Vote notthinkinghard 8h The real ideas are always in the comments. This made me laugh so hard.

12. Well played buddy 

Font - savwatson13 7h Maintenance guys are the best. The one who was doing our rented house's maintenance came in to fix our bathtub after fixing a sink or something fuming. "He (landlord) told me to buy the cheapest one but that's why it keeps breaking. So I bought a super expensive one and he's just gonna have to pay for it". Super sweet guy

13. For those who can’t read long stories, here’s the TLDR

Human body - grauenwolf 8h tl;dr; Tenets do the landlord a favor by ensuring everything was freshly painted with the most durable paint they could find.

These smart wits were plainly no match for unethical landlord practices. It simply goes to show that if we’re prepared to put in the effort, there’s strength in numbers. What are your thoughts on this story? For more fun stories, keep sticking around.


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