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23 Awkward Yet Hilarious Moments When People Were Being Themselves While Shopping

23 Awkward Yet Hilarious Moments When People Were Being Themselves While Shopping

Shopping is a therapy for some people.

Have you ever heard about retail therapy or shopping therapy? Some people feel happy and satisfied when they shop for things that they love. They shop to lift up their mood. They feel happy and comfortable while shopping but some people often get too comfortable while shopping. They choose to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want at shopping centers. Today, we have compiled a list of 23 awkward yet hilarious moments of people when they were being themselves while shopping. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. When you wanna use all your muscles:

Source: Tshepo_sebino

2. The man could have gotten her the sauce but they preferred the other way around:


Source: ario

3. When you want to sleep at work and do not want to get caught at the same time:


Source: Sepulruta

4. If dinosaurs can wear masks, what’s your reason for not wearing masks?


Source: Lovetank555

5. You can find all kinds of people, animals and birds in Walmart, only in Walmart:


Source: Interlacedexodus

6. When they would not let you get into the store without a face mask:


Source: DaddyKunt

7. When you cannot stop touching peaches:


Source: LouieLinguine

8. Do not mess with a man who wears pointy shoes:


Source: BambooKat

9. He knows how to buy things and pay for them:


Source: minias6538

10. When the fox is not allowed in the store so you have to hide it somewhere:


Source: CaptBanana2

These people are so comfortable stepping out with their s*x toys, awkward costumes and hilarious masks. Some even chose to get married at a supermarket. Will you ever choose such an awkward venue for your wedding? It is always hilarious to see such people walking in Walmart. We can imagine how many people the Walmart employees would have seen.

11. The best use of plastic bottles:

Source: allofmyteeth

12. “Poor guy was shopping with three girls (family from the looks of it). He laid down for a second and they just left him like this. They shopped, he dropped.”


Source: epatti0914

13. Fashionistas are always spotted in Walmart:


14. Rocking the outfit with the tail:


Source: reddit

15. That’s how you simplify things:

Source: bizcat

16. Shopping at Westfield:


Source: imgur

17. The cashier knows how to deal with such people:

Source: imgur

18. When you are a Cheetos lover:


Source: abaganoush

19. Spread the message:

Source: qazwsx963

20. When it is your wedding and your boss would not let you take a day off:


Source: joeyplaystuff

21. When you love Ramen:

Source: sanch3z90

22. Grandpa living his best life:


Source: Neat-Spring3467

23. Grandpa likes them young:

Source: OliverMarkusMalloy

Are you brave or awkward enough to do such a thing in public? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below! You can also share your awkward moments from the supermarkets.

Enjoy this wholesome cat tax:


Via: u/SafeSummer

“Cat outside looks well fed and has a shiny coat. I saw him last winter too and I want to take him in but I think he might belong to someone”


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