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Technically Accurate Moments That Were Completely Not ‘Wrong’

Have you ever come across things and facts that are though technically correct, but still mess up with your head? Technical correctness is frustrating and confusing to understand but at the same time, it can also be very amusing. These are things you never think about on your own and never figure out on your own either. It is not something any of us ever pay attention to. Only when others point it out or we notice some posts like the one we have gathered below is when we realize things that we have always missed. We come across these objects and things all the time but we still manage to get past them.


The outcomes are just so unexpected! Sometimes some truth bombs give us such big reality checks that we go into contemplation. The more you listen to certain things, the dumber they sound. Below we have gathered some funniest moments where we can’t help but laugh at how the truth is so ridiculous!

1. 0 bpm

Via Vostok32

2. Bobo N1 was not attentive!

Via -dommmm

Tom knew someone would point it out, so he staged it in a way so that he could pull some jokes out of it!

3. Escalator temporarily stairs

Via dinoboy804

Damn, the whole purpose of using the escalator is avoiding stairs and now we are deceived into using stairs? Not good.

4. Martini, dry

Via careless_love1800

I still don’t get it, though. Why could they not have used another name instead of Dry martini? How on earth is it dry?

5. Circle but the triangle

Via Frequent-Fill9103

Admit it, this thing broke the internet when we all found out!

6. Hot Molten lava

Via Carlos1421

Even the geologists cared enough to pitch in!

7. Ice giants anyone?

Via tatertheman

I mean, if everything is going south, contrary to what was promised, we might as well ask for what’s beneficial.

8. Dinosaur voice

Via tatertheman

Let’s get real, how does that even work? I am actually curious about this one

9. Best dad joke ever!

Via TurtleMaster69_

A dad joke but make it smart!

10. Samurai meets Abraham Lincoln

Via thisisntweedisit

This guy really put a lot of thought into this.

11. Leather skin

Via tatertheman

I mean, he is not wrong…

12. Strawberries disguised as girls

Via piggy2901

13. Accents

Via SlightlyInsaneApe

I never thought of it that way but it just makes more sense!

14. Getting rid of oil way

Via SlightlyInsaneApe

Well technically, he did ask about removing his oil face and did not specify removing oil from his face, so the comment just seems valid!

15. Killing plenty of birds with one stone

Via TheHomieMed

So this is where the idiom comes from!

16. Game between a bunch of cells

Via KindestManOnEarth

So apparently, we are all a bunch of cells. The only difference is one bunch of cells is more curious than the rest!

17. Predicted Age

Via josephravel

Mathematical accuracy is of utmost importance guys!

18. Single Momma’s boy!

Via QuirkyWafer4

Damn, that hit hard. All single mommas would think twice before saying this now.

19. Compromise

Via nikola_144

Sadly, that’s how the world of jobs works!

20. Pro GYM Tip

Via TheDukeOfSpiffing

He almost had me in the first half!

21. Poetry but make it literal

Via uditv2001

Poetry is supposed to be mysterious and make you think about the underlining meaning. You think you are reading something interesting about a young fellow from Perth but it is just a bunch of facts twisted around.

22. Salary vs Bills

Via unhomie

Story of all of our lives!

23. Snow angles

Via ImportantStar3841

Addition to mathematics: snow angles!

24. Snake mistaken

Via Master1718

That poor guy didn’t get it. Who’s going to tell him?

25. Natural skeletons for this year’s Halloween

Via cwdl

Almost retweeted this in solidarity with environment-friendly activism!

These are the best kind of jokes. They are made out of our reality and shift our perspective a little on how we can derive humor from our daily living and make it fun. In our mundane and repetitive routines, we don’t realize little things like these and such technical correctness around us that can give a quick laugh daily to lighten our stress. And even though some of these just blow our minds, we still might not how little things can be molded into such fun instances. What are some things that you have noticed that can be joked about?


What do you think?