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14 People Who Deserve To Be Fired From Their Job Right Now

It is okay to make mistakes.

After all, we are all only humans and that means failing at some things. However, when you are doing a job, you try to complete it as perfectly as possible especially if it isn’t that hard. And if you’ve got that job in the first place, that means you are somewhat decent at it right?

Well, sometimes that doesn’t save you from making a hilarious but terrible mistake. Maybe these people just didn’t sit back and look at their handiwork. Perhaps that is the reason we have these hilarious fails today. So if you had a bad day at work and want to feel better, you’ve come to the right place. There is nothing better to lighten your mood than laughing at other people failing miserably at the ‘one job’ they were assigned.

Scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 I don’t remember this creature from Game Of Thrones. Perhaps it’s only present in the books?


#2 It is better to leave the zipper open, otherwise it doesn’t look so good.

#3 This poor guy probably ordered extra cheese and got this.

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Still, though, anyone sane would never make this mistake, I’m an awful cook and even I know not to put cheese outside of the burger.

Not as bad as the time I ordered “with ketchup only” and got the buns with just ketchup inside. No meat, no cheese. –mizujakkaru

#4 Are you sure about what you are claiming, sir?

Never? NEVER??? from facepalm


#5 But the clothing looks untouched so it’s fine right?

Guess it was a long day at work from onejob

#6 The cheapest tickets money can buy.

The view is 10/10 from onejob

The look on his face says, “why did i spend so much money on this.” –killian-s

#7 Who made this sign? Could they not read?

Nice from onejob


#8 Honestly, these things happen.

#9 It’s looking a little flat there, maybe it needs a little more blowing.

#10 For emergency situations only.


#11 Ah yes, that is what it was called.

Isnt that just a triangle? from onejob

#12 Rules are meant to be broken.

Postman gives a zero fucks from onejob

#13 The pun wouldn’t have worked if they said wasp now would it have?

Via Reddit

If that was intentional… that’s some strong double irony! –IvanEd747


#14 Still better than tweens reading twilight.

Via Instagram

Have you ever had a big oopsie moment at work? if so how you fix it or did you leave it as is? Comment down below and let us know.


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