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18 Times Parents Made Their Own Mockery Boasting About Their Brilliant Kids

Parents love their children and are very proud of them. They just love their mini versions all by their hearts. They talk about their kids to all of their friends, neighbors, and even their relatives. Their world revolves around their children. If you have a social media account then you are probably familiar with posts about parents pranking their children. This may sound ridiculous but it is true and sometimes parents post this to spread their parenting hacks and it is hilarious, there’s no doubt about that.

There’s no such feeling that can be as good as a Goodchild. However, there are some posts that probably make you do a double-take just as you finish reading them and wonder: “Did that really happen?” People sometimes overstate stories just to show how clever their children are. Here at Defused, we have collected 18 times parents roasted themselves boasting about their brilliant kids. What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below and enjoy yourself.

1. This kid is living in his adult at the age of two

Source: CarbonScum

2. This is hilarious kids are kids


Source: Jickempoo

3. No way this kid is a player


Source: ltheron

4. Kids never fail to surprise us


Source: Chainbody

5. Oh my God these kids are hilarious


Source: katesrepublic

6. Is that even real?


Source: RobbySlowik

7. Kids are absolutely honest, this post made me emotional


Source: roberta1013

8. Amen bro Amen


Source: saintwyatt

9. What is this nonsense?


Source: whatmonsters

10. That totally hurts


Source: Merlinfrost

11. How can she be this genius? It’s heartwarming she is lucky to have daughter like her

Source: owlbewatchinyou

12. That’s quite a six year old kid


Source: GuntherMaru

13. She’s a bright kid man

Source: tweetspie

14. This kid is wiser than many of us


Source: Freddie83

15. This kid is a gem, it just felt right into the heart

Source: prisongovernor

16. Hope that he’s fine


Source: SusanHo53359347

17. How can he make eggs and french toasts he’s only two?

Source: ScholarDefiant1273

18. You should be proud


Source: ZeppelinCoop

Kids are entertaining, kids are full of energy. Parents sometimes post hilarious things about their kids and sometimes they are just too sweet. Kids nowadays are a lot smarter than us, literally, the kid above who is aged 2 years cooked a whole breakfast for her mother all by himself, and he’s only 2 years old. It is quite stunning, right?

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