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17 People That Didn’t Want Any Pets But Then A Pet Came In Their Lives

Some people act tough they don’t show their love for anyone but deep inside they are the most loving persons on Earth. Some people lie to themselves and say such things to a family as “No cats and dogs are allowed in this house” but this can be only true until some cute creature melt the heart of such people. Pets are such a blessing for us, once you have enjoyed their company there’s literally no going back.


Having a pet means that you are never going to get bored, they are unlimited entertainment. The best thing about these fluffy creatures is that you can rely on them. They are your best buddies, they never leave you alone, and they never let you rest. Here at Defused, we have collected 17 images of people who didn’t want any pets and now can’t live without them. What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down and see for yourself how these adorable creatures melt their hearts. We are sure that you are going to love it.

1. “Dad didn’t want Kissems. Naturally, Kissems loves Dad the most.”

via: © platonicnut / Reddit

2. This user never wanted a cat, him and his girlfriend kept on fighting for two days about getting a cat or not, this little beautiful kitty here just melted his heart. Isn’t it simply adorable?


via: © King_LewisXIII / Reddit

3. Everyday this man says that he hate cats and does this every night


via: © randompanther12 / Reddit

4. This is simply cute, “I was the dad that didn’t want the dog, now I’m the one getting her things like this.”


via: © crunkful06 / Reddit

5. When you say you don’t need a poodle, and that’s exactly where the magic starts


via: © TheAuDacity44 / Reddit

6. This man don’t admit that he lover but deep down he loves her more than anything


via: © Rosie4Real / Reddit

7. “’ I don’t want a dog. I don’t like dogs. If we get a dog, I’m not taking care of it.’ This is 2 days after we got the new puppy.”


via: © jeshest / Reddit

8. When you don’t like cats and then you decide to have it and now you are a catdad


via: © EYELND / Reddit

9. “Dad: ’We’re not getting a dog.’ Dad: ’I don’t love him.’ Also Dad: *holds dog like a baby*”


via: © warda8825 / Reddit

10. Dads be like: You are going to get kicked out of the house if you get a dog. Also Dad be like this


via: © sssniper-wolff / Reddit

11. When your doggo never leaves you alone so you have to attend the meeting together

via: © kaymakinzie / Reddit

12. “My godfather, Jan 16, 2017: ’What do you want me to do with this?’ My godfather 5 minutes ago:”


via: © moonglow89 / Reddit

13. When these little creatures melt your heart and now you are a catdad

via: © Ilikecows13 / Reddit

14. This man said, we can feed her but there’s no way she’s stepping inside our home, now he loves this kitty more than anyone


via: © Aayush_Patil / Reddit

15. This man said, he was done with pets, on his sixtieth birthday he got this puppy and now they are inseparable

via: © dancingchipmunk12 / Reddit

16. Dads are the ones who doesn’t want any pet, and they are also the ones who get most attached to the pet


via: © teddynooooo / Reddit

17. “Don’t you ever bring that bird into this house. She will not be welcome here.” There’s no wonder that these little creatures just melt our hearts.

via: © Stargazerlily425 / Reddit

There’s no wonder that pets make us more kind and loving. They have this magical power within them that they just know how to melt the hearts of such stubborn people. There’s no other bond like a human-pet bond. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content.


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