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17 Times Pet Owners Went The Extra Mile To Make Their Pets’ Lives Easier

Pets bring joy into our lives: it is our responsibility to make their lives easier.

Having a pet is a blessing. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a lovely pet who loves you more than anything. Well, life has been rough on our lovely pets that we adopt. It is our duty to give them love, care and make their lives easier with whatever we can do for them. Today, we have some of the kind yet creative pet owners who went above and beyond to make their pets’ lives easier. Scroll down to have a look at how these pet owners changed their pets’ lives with their creativity.


1. Cookie was fascinated by water so her owner made her a bath table.

© Spritza / imgur

2. Turbo Roo was born with two paws so his owner built him a 3D-printed walker.


© TurboRoo / Instagram

2 paws, 4 wheels. Lovely!

3. Made our dog some eye protections for his motorbike rides from a plastic water bottle, tape and some elastic.


© KrishnaJoy / reddit

4. Alfred’s owner has made him a table where he eats with some of his friends.


© grinwithyourchin / reddit

5. This human owned a dog and a cat so he made them a forest-themed cat-dog tree.


© Thorn2800 / reddit

6. “Their very own bicycle! Better than sticking your head out the car window!”


© Howardval / reddit

7. “I made a human bed for her. Now she thinks she’s people.”


© Barnabeblunderbuss / reddit

8. His hooman made him the geometric dog house and he seems happy with it.


© Richicash / reddit

We never run out of love to show to our lovely pets and what’s better than surprising them with amazing and creative dog beds or cat trees? Well, it’s crazy to see their love for their four-legged friends that they went the extra mile to create what can make their pets happy. That’s called pure love and affection when you go out of your way to make something for your loved ones especially when it is your pet.

9. “I’m getting married on Monday, our pooch is attending. The ebay collar and tie we ordered would barely have fit our cat. So I made one myself from my old hooman clothes.”


© mebbeh / reddit

10. When your cat is obsessed with the old TV, turn it into her cat bed.


© distressedpigeon / reddit

Meet Frado, who is loving her new bed.

11. Squirrels wouldn’t stop coming back so why not make them a picnic table?

© Cbeardedbuilder / reddit

12. “My majestic gorl. I made her a crown since I pruned my rosemary.”


© vanilla_lychee / reddit

Look at how pretty does she look.

13. The anti-scratch cone at the vet was for $50 but we got it for $19.95 from the tractor supply.

© SgtMaxFightMaster / imgur

14. “Bob’s Burgers cat house my 7yo daughter and I made out of a cardboard box yesterday!”


© lokeilou / reddit

Kitties got the best gift.

15. Quarantine had me bored so we made this out of cardboard and look who is making use of it.

© ineedhelpnow54321 / reddit

16. “Our dog was looking a little sad in his cone of shame, so we thought he’d look better as a sunflower.”


© straydog1980 / reddit

17. How kind and creative do you have to be to come out with such an amazing idea?

We are drooling over these creativities! Pet owners went beyond their potential to show their love for their adorable pets. We have loved each of these and appreciate them for their efforts. Comment down which one of these creativities inspired you the most? Have you ever done something like this for your pet? If yes, let us know in the comments.

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