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16 Pets Who Have Proved Themselves To Be The Best Patients Ever

Let’s be real here, no one likes to go to a doctor.

From the elderly to toddlers, I have no idea what it is about the doctors that we just want to avoid them at all costs. I have seen older people trying to avoid them by saying stuff like “Oh no, I have a better remedy than my grandfather told me”. And the little ones just start crying on top of their lungs when they get a hint they are being taken to the doctor. My father used to say, if you go to the doctor for a headache, they will conduct hundreds of tests only to tell you that you just need sleep. How does one sleep after receiving such a heavy bill for those tests? So I have explained to you the case of humans of all ages and all of them prefer avoiding doctors.


And the case is very same for animals too. When a pet gets a hint that they are being taken to the vet that day, they will start panicking and will try to do anything in their power to delay the program. If we look at things from a veterinary doctor’s perspective, his job is way harder than a human doctor’s job is. See, there is an obvious language barrier between humans and animals which makes dialogue impossible so they can’t just come in and explain what’s wrong with them, so some testing and checkup have to be put in place to diagnose the problem. But they are naturally compensated for this difficulty because they are dealing with pet animals and animals are the cutest creatures in the world. Imagine a doctor working super hard but is dealing with pets so that stress goes away as soon as it comes in.

Today we are going to look at some pics of pets at the doctor’s that proves they are the cutest patients in the whole world.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “My dad, who’s a vet, worked with this baby bobcat!”

Via briannabmoylan / Reddit

2. This cat is chilling adorably on her vet as he fills out her forms for her.


Via D***edLife / Reddit

3. “She saw the vet and decided to hide.”


Via URAH***ER / Reddit

4. “My girlfriend is a veterinarian. This is how I found her today after last night’s overnight shift.”


Via equivocal20 / reddit

5. “Our vet clinic is closed on the weekend and this cutie probably can’t reply.”


Via ElginVet / Twitter

6. “This is a VIP guest at our clinic. He always gets the best room when he comes.”


Via DrEllenKinzl / Twitter

7. “My mom, a veterinarian, just sent me a picture of one of her new patients.”


Via -CharethCutestory / reddit

8. “I’ve been a veterinarian for 10 years. This is the first dinosaur I’ve worked on.”


Via atodaso / Imgur

I swear animals are proper cartoons. Just look at them taking care of all departments even when they are hesitant to be at the vet’s clinic. They are unintentionally sending cute vibes to everyone and even their doctors as well. There is no way these doctors would ever get bored on duty but they surely are doing an amazing job protecting our cuties from potential medical issues. We need these pets happy and healthy at all costs because they are our source of happiness, joy, and a stress free livfe.

Let’s look at some more pets being super cute at the vet. Scroll down to continue.

9. “My girlfriend’s a veterinarian and sent me this.”


Via unknown author / Imgur

10. “The cat didn’t like the clinic, so she decided to hide her head in the trash hole.”


Via itsashlyperez / Twitter

11. There is no way a veterinary doctor gets bored at their job.

Via grabboid10 / Imgur

12. Little one fits right in the doctor’s pocket.


Via highvioletriot / Imgur

13. “The vet put a warning on my dog’s medicine for him to not operate heavy machinery or drive while affected.”

Via GreyCatOrangeBeard / Reddit

14. “This cat’s eyes after being given meds at the vet”


Via FumingOstrich35 / Reddit

15. “Pablo’s first trip to the vet”

Via confibulator / Reddit

16. “My cat before and after taking him to vet for a regular checkup. Do you see a difference?”


Via leon65 / Reddit

So, what do you guys say? Do pets make better patients than us?

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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