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16 Wholesome Animal Posts Featuring Adoption Stories, Animal Transformations And Much More

Animals give us the positivity boost we need to get through the week.

Hello everyone, we hope you guys are doing great or at least trying to do great. We know getting through this week is not easy. Everything seems so heavy and the week seems so long. We want you to go through this week successfully, with a big smile on your face, pureness in your eyes and goodness in your heart. This can only be done with a fresh collection of some of the sweetest and cutest animals from all around the world. From heartwarming adoption stories to amazing pet transformations, we have got everything for you. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. “Their dog hasn’t eaten well since they brought their baby home – dog kept taking food into the living room and leaving it there. Someone suggested the dog might be worried the baby isn’t visibly eating, so is “feeding” the baby. They tried giving the baby a bowl of food at the same time. It worked!”


Via u/Kevin_0019

2. “He always follows me to the bathroom, today he held my hand.”


Via u/2Balls1Brain

No, you can’t go to the bathroom without me.

3. He was skinny and sick when he was rescued.


Via u/JesusKavelaris

Check out his 2 years transformation. He is happy and healthy in his forever home.

4. When your cat has new ways to surprise you:

Via u/butter1n

5. “My senior(ish) dog can’t swim by himself anymore so I carry him while he takes a dip”


Via u/Tanimal15

No issues, if he can’t swim. I’ll carry him and let him enjoy the water.

6. “A very happy frog”


Via u/j3ffr33d0m

Life is too short not to smile.

7. She gave birth to four kittens and her face while she is giving hugs to her babies is the most beautiful thing ever in the world.


Via u/pajser92

8. This handsome boy has grown up.

Via u/TY_amf

Every pet is precious and all they need is love. All the beautiful animals that you see out there is a result of love and warmth. Animals are like flowers, if you stop watering flowers, they will shrivel. Just like that, when you stop giving love to animals, they lose their health. And when given love, they show some of the amazing transformations.

9. “Saw a little hole when working, put my phone down it and saw these two little cuties”

Via u/Derpy_Hippo

Congratulations, you have found new friends.

10. “this good boi is a blessing while in quarantine”


Via u/Andwhatnow1

You are right, doggos are a blessing in quarantine as they keep their owners busy and happy.

11. Such a handsome boy!

Via u/_morbius

12. “Sooo… our goat had babies yesterday…”


Via u/N8Widdler

She gave birth to beautiful babies.

13. Meet Rose. It’s her 10th birthday today.

Via u/SmallGiraffe4

14. When your cat is obsessed with packaging boxes:


Via u/kitten___lulu

15. “I was fostering this goof when a family adopted him. The family brought him back for being “too large” so I adopted him. Welcome home, big guy.”

Via u/harding44

Big guy is so happy to be home again.

16. “My pup teaching the new one to sit”

Via u/blackwrg

He learned so quickly. We are proud of you, new pup. You did awmazing. Do you have a pet? Which one and how did you get it? Adopted it from the shelter or rescued it? Comment down to share your pet’s story with us!


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