25 Pets Who Completely Transformed After Paying A Visit To The Groomer

One haircut can really turn you into someone else.

Grooming is a very important process. Grooming is important in terms of hygiene and good looks. Hygiene is something you have to take very good and actively care of as an owner of your pet, especially the ones who grow a lot of hair. The thing about hairy pets like dogs and cats is that infections and ticks can hide under all that hair and do the job under the covers. You fail to recognize your pet has grown an infection or is having issues on its skin, until it starts showing bad symptoms and at times we get too late for recovery, or when you take your dog to the groomer and they cut all that coat off and then you notice your pet has had an infection growing on it for a very long time. And there are other issues like the long hair covering the animal’s ability to look or hear as the hair grows big in front of their eyes and ears respectively. So this just goes on to show the significance of grooming and how important it is for pet owners to regularly take their pets to the groomer and follow up according to the time provided.

Other than hygiene, there is also a very big advantage of having your pet groomed. It’s the good looks. You just cannot ignore it, you cannot deprive your cutie of that beauty. It must be showcased to everyone. The world must know there is a very fine and mind-blowing animal living with you. This way not only do you enhance the dog’s fame but your own as well. Finding a good groomer is not an easy job, you really have to go through a lot of trial and error to finally find your pet the best out of the lot. Unfortunately, the poor animal has to suffer in terms of terrible haircuts but it all gets well, eventually, when you find the best groomer for your best friend. In the compilation we have made for you guys, the groomers groomed their clients so well, that they literally transformed into someone else. The animals ended up looking so gorgeous and beautiful that you can look at them for hours upon hours and not get bored.

Let’s enjoy some before and after images of pet animals as they went to their groomers for a nice grooming session. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. This was his first visit to the groomer. He looks extremely handsome and the handkerchief enhances his beauty ten times.

Via jadaniels1116 / Reddit

2. Wow, I really didn’t expect him to be that tiny. Imagine the amount of hair that came off this pupper.


Via kkc126 / Reddit

3. You may have felt nervous approaching this doggie but after his visit to the groomer, you would want to pet this cutie all day long.


Via LadySif6030 / Reddit

4. He was taken to the groomer for a nice wash and a sanitary cut. They turned him into a lion cub and the owner had no complaints about it.


Via HeyT00ts11 / Reddit

5. The amount of hair that came off this dog is enough to make an overcoat.


Via boggled_ / Reddit

6. These are definitely two dogs, aren’t they?


Via andywhalephoto / Reddit

7. They made her a ponytail at the end as well and she looks so ecstatic about it.


Via Myjojobean / Reddit

8. This 14-year-old dog turned back into a 2-year-old pup after his haircut.


Via chicho1989 / Reddit

9. This pup did look cool with the hair he had but that post-hair picture really does turn him into a proper lion who is ready to take over this planet.


Via Kiyonai / Reddit

10. Kitty got a tail cut and it suits her.


Via Shoryuken_Tatsumaki / Reddit

11. Where was he hiding all this time?

Via maplemuffinpup / Reddit

12. The tongue came out after the haircut which is a sign of approval.


Via plentyoflasagna / Reddit

I am willing to bet my money on the fact that so many owners would’ve had a hard time recognizing their own pets at the time of pick-up. They all look so different and so much fresh compared to their images taken before grooming. Wow, I really am mind-blown by these transformations. Their owners really did take a lot of time to take their pets to the groomers. All that beauty must not be hidden, it should be proudly shown.

I am really loving these images of pets and I hope you guys are too. Let’s enjoy some more gorgeous transformations. Scroll down to continue.

13. For the last time as a cat, he entered the groomer’s shop. For the first time as a “monster”, he came out.

Via Libbers2015 / Reddit

14. From a puffy bear to a handsome boy.


Via ****oopcid / Reddit

15. Chewy’s owners took him straight to the groomer right after the adoption because his previous owner had never once cleaned the pup. The results, as you can see, are gorgeous.

Via krantzc / Reddit

16. One of his favorite days is the day his owners take him to the groomer. Look how happy he looks after his haircut.


Via That_Guy_Brody / Reddit

17. A simple trim and it doesn’t look like someone dumbed a lot of brown fur on him. He no owns it in style.

Via Herodias / Reddit

18. His visit to the groomer transformed him from a grandfather to a grandson.


Via MistyPepper / Reddit

19. Everything about this dog just looks so right after he went to the groomer.

Via GherkinSqueedo / Reddit

20. Oh my god, that after picture! Is that even a real dog?


Via shinadoll / Reddit

21. This dog’s owner had a very hard time recognizing his pooch after seeing how much he has changed after the haircut.

Via Elafacwen / Reddit

22. Whoever turned this cat into a lion deserves a raise.


Via randomfurpile / Reddit

23. I don’t know how they did it but this haircut makes this corgi look big but also small at the same time.

Via HeyyScott / Reddit

24. It took 2 long days to groom this collie and the end result looks very satisfying and beautiful.


Via bigkatt_ / Reddit

25. His owner went to the groomer to pick him up. They gave him the dog and he said it’s cute but where’s mine?

Via rick4003172112 / Reddit

I really hope you enjoyed these beautiful masterpieces. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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