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18 Adorable Pets Whose Eyes Speak Louder Than Words

The eyes, chico, they never lie.

Animals can’t speak but their eyes can. Their eyes convey their emotions. Whether they are sad, happy, excited or angry, you can see it through their eyes. And, eyes do not lie. You can clearly read their faces. A doggo who does not want to visit the dentist does not need to tell you in words that he hates the dentist but his eyes would tell you that he is angry and did not want to come to the dentist. A puppy does not want to express in words that he is madly in love with you. His eyes would tell you. Is not it amazing to have a pet whose eyes speak louder than words? Today, we have 18 beautiful animals whose eyes speak louder than words. Scroll down to browse through the list.

1. “We all know who didn’t want to visit the dentist”


© punisherrehsinup / reddit

The angry face says: How dare you bring me here? Mom, you are apologizing to me once we are getting home.

2. “The only room in my house he is not allowed to enter.”


© magellan1988 / reddit

When he is not allowed to enter the room but he would half-enter so he does not disobey you.

3. “My sweet Beauceron pup”


© grettaaa / reddit

How gorgeous this pup is! Look at his ears!!

4. “Thank you for saving me, human!”


© zakiamon / imgur

When you are lost in the woods and a kind human saves you.

5. “Just adopted this dude. His name is Tucker and he’s a good boy.”


© TheBelowIsFalse / reddit

That’s how a dog behaves when he falls in love with you.

6. “It was Otis’ birthday and he couldn’t believe he got a cake all to himself.”


© alanblah / reddit

Otis is overwhelmed by the surprise he got from his human.

7. “Can I get on your lap please?”

© aaliyahfairy / imgur

Too cute not to be taken in lap.

8. “Rats can be cute too! Here’s Porcini, a 4-month-old female fancy rat.”


© mariapage / reddit

It looks like he has come straight from the Disney Pixar “Ratatouille” movie.

9. “That smile is infectious :))”

© corpuscularian / reddit

That smile can make anyone fall in love. How pretty are his eyes! How can someone not fall in love with them? Pet owners look into their animals’ eyes and read their emotions but we should sometimes stop and look into the eyes of stray cats and dogs to read their emotions. They have sorrow in their eyes and we are sure none of us can see them sad. You would end up adopting them after looking into their eyes.

10. “My pup doing a morning mirin”


© zcecsyc / reddit
There is so much love in those eyes.

11. “I got her from death row and since then, she’s saved my life every day.”

© ThatsCaptain2U / reddit

Dogs are faithful; they can risk their lives to save their loving humans.

12. “Just got home from school.”


© Trade-all-day / reddit

You have to be very lucky to come home and see two dogs waiting for you.

13. “The look he gives me when I tell him it’s bath time”

© kevinharris1995 / reddit

You should know by now that he does not want to take a bath.

14. “Excuse me? Are you going to be on that laptop all day?”


© b12ftw / reddit

Human, leave the laptop and let me sit in your lap.

15. “The cutest boy trying to convince me not to go to work”

© megsup / reddit

Who would want to go to work after seeing such a cute face looking at them?

16. A much needed Monday hug:


© SCatherine97 / reddit

17. “Look at this well-behaved flyer on the plane!”

© Kingingu / reddit

How lucky are you to get a seat next to a dog?

18. He wears his hearts on his eyes:


© emmam3857 / reddit

When did you last look into an animal’s eyes and read what they wanted to say? Comment down to share your thoughts.


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