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These 20 People Don’t See A Life Without Their Pets

Everyone has something they can’t live without.

For pet owners, it is their furry friends. The bond that forms between an owner and a pet, although it takes a lot of time for it to form, is so strong and inseparable that you only feel love and nothing else. It is a give and takes relationship where both parties put in all their effort to make sure the other one is okay and is happy and trust me, the animals often end up putting in more effort by doing the least work. That’s how magical their presence is. And even if you don’t own a pet at your house, animals have a very unique charisma that can make anyone fall in love with them even if you see them walking on the street. Pet owners say they cannot live without their pet animals and that is because their lives depend on them. Their best friends are the only reason why there is no stress in their life anymore, they are so optimistic about life, and they are confident that nothing bad will happen as long as their furry friend is by their side. And don’t even get me started on the hilarity and joy that comes free with the deal.


Let’s enjoy some pictures of pet animals to see why their owners say they can’t live without their furry friends.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Nova sleeping like this in her Dad is the most wholesome thing ever.


Via ignoretheyam / Reddit

2. Chloe was taught how to stand up on her owner’s wheelchair’s footrest and now she wouldn’t step off and would keep kissing him.


Via letouxftw / reddit

3. They have been together for 10 years and there is not a day the two regret.


Via eeemry / Reddit

4. This senior dog had trouble standing up until his owner had a baby and now he can stand perfectly straight for hours and he keeps watching the baby like a protective mother while doing so.


Via joscoto / Reddit

5. The colonel told this person not to pet the cat, he ended up rescuing it from the bad guy and adopted it to live happily together.


Via Alarmed-Kaleidoscope / Reddit

6. He wanted to learn how to drive and his owner was in full support of the dream.


Via LamboSamba / Reddit

7. “The best picture I’ve ever taken of my husband and cat”

Via cuppyuppycake / Reddit

8. “My dad and his cat angrily watching TV”


Via Bubbaluke / Reddit

9. “I have a disability and one of my best friends Whiskey has the same bend in the same arm. I always wanted to find someone like me. I think I did.”

Via Moriah01 / Reddit

10. “Family pictures with our cat went…okay.”


Via ihave5broats / Reddit

Life with animals really is something else. One thing I have noticed in all the pictures is the pure happiness on the pet owners’ faces. They all are so satisfied with where they are in life and I am sure they, in their hearts, owe it all to their pets. I am living these wholesome posts and continue to watch such content for hours upon hours and not get bored. I am not a pet owner and even I can’t live without animals.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of animals and owners spending quality time together. Scroll down to continue.

11. “My brother and his cat have an unbreakable bond.”

Via dragonbreath94 / Reddit

12. “My baby and my corgi are now old enough to work together. Now they roam around my house like a mini-Harley and the Joker with the dial set to ’annoy.’”


Via banpeiSF / Reddit

13. “They bonded before we even left the parking space.”

Via ObligatoryCreativity / Reddit

14. “I laid down to take a pic with her. I guess she thought I was asking for help with grooming.”


Via thejackal2323 / Reddit

15. “I make him do ’The Circle of Life’ with me on the anniversary of his adoption.”

Via jeffreybbbbbbbb / Reddit

16. “When we got a puppy, my girlfriend vowed he was never allowed in our bed. This pic sums up the past few months.”


Via qb3d / Reddit

17. “My wife requested a picture of her cuddling our puppy. He’s not a huge fan of cuddles.”

Via vincentrm / Reddit

18. “It doesn’t matter how big she gets, I’m always gonna hold her like the baby she is.”


Via megs_wags / Reddit

19. “He has always wanted a kitty. I think he liked his birthday present!”

Via YourMomsLasanga / Reddit

20. “It’s always a struggle being the first one awake…”


Via Firedolphin / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Now we know why these people can’t live without their furry best friends.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Are you a pet owner and is the case same for you as well?


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