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18 Times Pets Forgot What Good Manners Are

Even the best-behaved can forget good manners at times.

There is no doubt about how much we love animals. Even if they aren’t our pets, they still provide us with a very warm feeling in the heart every time we see them either at someone’s house, taking a stroll in the park, or staring at you through the entire bus ride. Yes, the last one has happened to me and I am yet to feel a better feeling than the day I made eye contact with that pup for 15 minutes straight. But it often feels to many pet owners that the pets suddenly turn into something else and their naughty selves basically forget all good manners. Perhaps they were sent down to you guys to take revenge for all the bad things you have done.

Well, it isn’t exactly revenge when they break your $5000 Smart Tv, ruin your favorite furniture, or sit on your favorite spot. They just need to be taught good manners. Pet training is something very important and all owners must know they will not train automatically, you will have to take up responsibility, be very patient, and teach them the difference between right and wrong. And trust me, they will learn. But you can’t deny the fact that even though you are a specialist in math, you too can forget what part in the quadratic equation comes under the bracket and what part stays out. The same is the case without pet animals, they often forget what good manners are and end up being involved in activities their owners don’t particularly enjoy.

Let’s look at some hilarious examples of pets forgetting what good manners are.

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1. The cat went out for a walk and returned home with someone’s keys in its mouth. Could’ve been their house keys…

Via robrobxD / reddit

2. Thanks for that extra bit of flavor, cat.


Via ExtensiveNegligence / reddit

3. He was scratching the furniture and as soon as he got caught in the process, he froze and tried to play it cool.


Via spacecatJ / reddit

4. The cat has established boundaries all around the house and the dog cannot cross them.


Via vanavucuvudu / reddit

5. They say a dog’s skin is very soft. I was just testing the theory.


Via emjaywalsh / reddit

6. It is my time to sit on the chair and no one can change that.


Via JakeAndRay / reddit

7. “He dragged it off the holder and carried it to his favorite spot.”


Via popaulina / reddit

8. “Stole my baguette and won’t give it back…”


Via Wizardx7 / reddit

9. “It won’t hurt the project, but there’s a dry print on my hardwood floor thanks to my doggie!”


Via unknown / reddit

They don’t do it too often so one must cherish such kinds of moments as well. I am sure for the time being the owners must’ve felt a bit angry and all but afterward would’ve had a really good laugh. You just cannot stay mad at them for long, that’s just who pets are. We love them no matter what and a little bit of misbehavior hasn’t hurt anyone, right?

Let’s enjoy more pictures of pets not knowing what good manners are.

10. “His face says it all!”


Via dessybestie95 / reddit

11. “He did nothing wrong…”

Via HTreigh_11 / reddit

12. “She knows she’s not supposed to get on top of the laundry while I’m folding it. But maybe just one paw would be okay?”


Via mcparksky / reddit

13. “That’s my carpet!”

Via Instagram

14. “This looks like a cozy spot.”


Via The_Ent420 / reddit

15. “This was taken just before she ran off with the border.”

Via sientara / reddit

16. “You say you planted what this year…?”


Via Materboi1 / reddit

17. “My dog can open bins. I got home from school one day and saw this.”

Via unknown / reddit

18. “He broke the blinds right there so he could see outside when I have the blinds closed.”


Via itsabeautclark / reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed these pictures of animals behaving badly. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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